Krishnas in Tallinn

Because life just can’t get surreal enough, here is a short video Tracey and me watching Krishna lovers do what Krishna lovers do best in the Tallinn town square.  Did you know that there has been a rapid expansion of Krishna followers in Eastern Europe since the fall of the USSR?  Betcha didn’t.  It sure came as a surprise to us. Thankfully wiki knows everything.  Apparently this is part of their daily ritualistic parade.  Actually looks like CRAZY fun!  Where do I sign up?  Krishna knows I could use a haircut.  Did I mention that the plumber came last week because the tub and dishwasher had backed up?  He managed to plunge the rotting corpse of Cousin Itt out of the drain.  Rama Rama Hairy Hairy!

Sorry, the video is a little shaky and vom-inducing.  Keep a bucket close.

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