During the Holidays This Year – StopLifting!

From RCMP:
December 9, 2010, Halifax, Nova Scotia- On the Ninth Day of Christmas
Crime Prevention the RCMP said to me, “Protect your business from
shoplifters by observing shoppers carefully.”

Business owners should consider the following to prevent becoming a
target for shoplifters this holiday season:

●       Post signs warning against shoplifting.
●       Keep display and clothing racks away from entrances and exits to
discourage "hit-and-run" thieves
●       Place hangers front-to-back to prevent thieves from quickly
grabbing bundles of display clothing
●       Arrange merchandise neatly to make it easier to detect missing
●       Try to keep fitting room doors locked when not in use
●       Limit the number of items allowed to be taken into the dressing
●       Provide training for your employees to watch for various signs
such as loose or baggy clothing not reflective of the weather, and
people with large bags or other props, such as newspapers, strollers,
briefcases, or umbrellas that can easily conceal merchandise
●       Be alert when the store is crowded. Shoplifters often operate
when sales people are busy helping legitimate customers
●       Check the lower racks of shopping carts, watch for switched
labels, look inside items that can also be used as containers for items,
e.g., tool boxes, jacket sleeves, waste baskets, shopping carts
●       If you suspect someone has concealed something and makes an
attempt to leave the store, keep him or her in sight and notify a
manager or security personnel immediately

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