East Coast By Choice: 2012 update

Hello readers,

So, you might have though that I took off with my Ninjamatics’ 2011 Canadian Weblog Awards winnings (ha!) and just ran away to some tropical island after so many months of radio silence here. Well, you’re partly right. My one-year contract at Nimbus Publishing & Vagrant Press wrapped up at the end of February. Since then, I’ve been freelancing. Cokebaby and I also took time off to vacation in Italy and the south of France for the entire glorious month of March.

Now that I’m back and settled in my plan is to more regularly update this space. Expect a lot of posts recapping the trip for the next little while. But I’ll probably also be talking a little bit more about books in the “arts & culture” segments since that’s still a passion of mine. I’m currently on contract with the Atlantic Book Awards as their festival publicist, and freelancing one day per week at Nimbus. If you happen to need an online writer, social media or communications consultant/strategist, you can reach me here.

This year will be full of new and exciting ventures that I’ll share with you as they come to life. As always, thanks for reading and for all of your continued support.




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