Easter Favorites!

There are just certain things that I cannot do without at Easter time. Most of these things involve chocolate…unless you count the one treat that’s made entirely of sugar and marshmallow, but I’ll get to that…

The first is the most obvious. Who doesn’t get excited when, in late March, the displays of these little purple packets of delight start to make their appearance? I associate somewhat of a soothing factor with Cadbury Mini Eggs too- Easter and Finals fall at the same time of year and these candy-coated bites with their crunchy exterior and creamy centers are the perfect stress reducer for a frazzled student! Not gonna lie- I’ve contemplated buying the “family-size” bag for myself!
Cadbury Mini Eggs

Ah- The Lindt Gold Bunny! I’m a dark chocolate bunny myself, and these little guys are the perfect Easter treat for the gourmet chocoiste. It’s a well known fact that Lindt makes some of the world’s finest chocolate and I love their original dark chocolate bar, but there is just something about biting off a chocolate bunny’s ear that gives me an odd sense of contentment…hmmm- moving on.

Lindt Gold Bunny

What’s not to love about the Reese’s PB eggs?
Chocolate- good, PB- good. ‘Nuff said.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg

I love Peeps! I’ve come across many people who thin that my love of these sugary little chickadees is quite odd, especially since I have quite the “gourmet” taste buds- their words, not mine. But I just can’t help feeling like a little kid when these adorable little treats arrive in stores. Plus, it’s just fun to say “I gotta have my Peeps!”


And there you have it folks, my fave Easter treats that I look forward to all year long. So if you ever feel like playing Peter Cottontail, hop on down my way…hop, hop!

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