I once took my sis to Onyx for Wednesday night, 1/2 priced apps…Now, it seems that everytime she comes to visit, her flight always arrives on a Wednesday evening. Coincidence? I think not. As per usual when she arrives and I ask about dinner, her face lights up, and we’re going to Onyx. On this particular outing, we had my 20-year-old, rugby playing cousin in tow, which meant that we needed to order alot of food. And so we did-nearly everything on the menu in fact!

Angie and I went for a couple glasses of wine, while Robbie had a luscious cucumber mojito…I know what I’m having the next time I hit up Onyx’s Mojito Monday. This drink is cool and refreshing with a bit of bite from the rum.

Cucumber Mojito

We all shared the many appys that were to come. We had meat and veg, seafood and deep fried, and all were equally delicious and satisfying. We started with the Pork Belly, Chicken Chops andCalamari, as well as Onyx’s amazing breadbasket containing bread (obviously) and crispy poppadom-type crisps, and maybe sesame coated won-tons? I dunno, but they were served with a rich, salty black olive tapenade.

Pork Belly
southern style marinated, slow braised, valley apple slaw

Chicken Chops
kung pao style semi boneless ginger & mirin soaked chicken wings

curry dusted w/ ginger lime marmalade

Then we ventured into the “fast food” portion of the menu with fries, poutine and burgers gourmet-style. I use his term for incredibly loosely as these dishes were a far gry from th golden arches…A super value meal is no match for Onyx’s hand cut fries, trufle mayo and fois gras with gourmet burgers!

Hand cut Fries w/ Truffle mayo

Petite Burgers
trio of burgers; beef, quail and shrimp

Fois Gras Poutine

Cheese Plate
sheep, cow, goat & blue w/ seasonal fruit compote & crisps

Ony always has an incredible sheese plate, and this evening was no different. This portion of the meal was one of indulgences- we had smooth, creamy goat cheese, a rich gouda, a pungent blue and nutty manchego. These were accompanied by fruited toast points and a compote. The compote, OMG-the compote. This was, sinful to say the least; warm and swett with a touch of earthy spice that warmed your throat on the way down. Hands down a perfect ending to a perfect meal.

I’ve talked about this deal before, and again, I gotta give it praise…all of this food; 7 dishes in total plus our drinks came to less than 100 bucks. Not only is price a selling point here, but you can pretty much bank on a meal of fantastic quality whenever you hit up Onyx- whether it’s a Wednesday, or any other night.

April 20

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