EastGen Showcase Trains Youth for Careers with Livestock

Seventy young Nova Scotians will learn about livestock management and showmanship techniques at the 26th annual EastGen Showcase, July 10 – 12.

The event will be held at the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition Grounds in Bible Hill. Youth from ages 13 to 21 will learn through interactive sessions, educational presentations and a cattle show.

Those selected to attend will be expected to bring the information back to their 4-H club.

“I am very pleased to see that EastGen continues to provide such a technical, hands-on workshop for 4-H members,” said Agriculture Minister Keith Colwell. “Having the opportunity to learn these type of livestock skills at such a young age will help these young people become the future agricultural leaders of Nova Scotia.”

Participants at the event learn about the health of a show calf, and the latest techniques in show preparation for beef and dairy cattle, livestock judging, showmanship, clipping, display design and herd management.

“I have attended the EastGen 4-H Showcase for the past three years and I return year after year because there is so much to learn, the industry is always changing and this event allows you to stay on top,” said Iain MacLellan, a 4-H member from the West River 4-H Club, Antigonish Co. “This experience helped grow my confidence and allowed me to share my passion for dairy farming while building important friendships and connections in the dairy industry.”

This year’s special guest is Dr. Tim Henshaw, a veterinarian employed by EastGen. His presentation will discuss the health and well-being of calves at home and at shows, along with other important information on cow and calve health.

After two full days of training, 4-H members show their calves at the beef and dairy show. Awards will be presented to champion showman and calves, as well as those who excelled in the session.

The livestock show will take place Sunday, July 12 at 9:30 a.m. and is open to the public.

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