Edible marijuana chocolate bar sends toddler to hospital

On July 21, Halifax District RCMP responded to a call where a four-year-old child found what she thought was a chocolate bar and ate 15 pieces.

The chocolate bar was an edible marijuana product, and the recommended consumption for an adult is one piece per day. The child found the bar in the console of the family vehicle.

When the father realized the bar was missing, he noticed the four-year-old looking very pale.  He called 911, who attended and transported the child to hospital. She has since been treated and released.

The RCMP is conducting an investigation into the matter, including determining whether charges will be laid in this case.

It will remain illegal under federal law even after Oct. 17 to sell edibles, including at restaurants and markets. The RCMP wishes to remind the public that possession of marihuana remains illegal until Oct. 17, 2018. The investigation is ongoing.


Source : Media Release

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