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Edie’s Pep Talk: The Power of Mindful Eating

Edie Shaw-Ewald is a Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer, and a regular contributor to the Bedford Beacon. She coaches clients to use real and natural foods to achieve their healthiest body and mind.

She runs her own business called Nova Scotia’s Nutrition Coach:

Eating with awareness is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

When we take time to pay attention to the food we choose, and listen to our body’s cues for hunger, preferences and satiety we will receive benefits that go far beyond the simple enjoyment of the food. We will tune into what we really need for health, gain more satisfaction from our food, eat less quantity, and family ties will grow stronger around the kitchen table.

Unfortunately, our fast- paced society, with its emphasis on ‘doing’, ‘busy-ness’ and multi- tasking has left little time or respect for sitting down to real meals and savoring every bite. I am not suggesting that we must meditate and practice yoga everyday (although they are certainly health-giving practices), but rather, to take the time to ‘be in the moment’ when we are choosing and eating our food.

Follow these steps towards mindful eating:

Delegate time to food preparation and eating. Planning meals ahead can help with this – and I can help you start meal planning!

Sit down to meals with minimal distractions.

Notice the appearance and smell of the food before you begin to eat.

Take small bites, chew well, and notice the texture, temperature and taste of the food.

Put your fork down between bites.

Be grateful for the food and your body.

Tune into your body’s response to the food – How does your stomach feel?
Are you getting full?
Is it time to stop eating?

Everyone can benefit from these simple steps – be ready to be amazed!

If you need help with healthy eating changes contact Edie at 441-6602 or shaw.ewald@ns.sympatico.ca.

Blog: nutritioncoachedie.blogspot.com.

Website: nutritioncoachedie.com.

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