Eff Paris Hilton, I’ve found my New Bff!

AllyG: You people read Lainey, right? Of course you read Lainey. How can you not read Lainey? Anythehoo, Lainey recently sponsored a contest to search for someone to help her with her blog while she was sipping copious amounts of chablis at TIFF. She found my soulmate, Alan W. Do you want to know why I am in love with Alan? It’s because he embraces the shitty pop music that I embrace. Yes, I make fun of Miley, but we all know the love I have for The Climb and most recently, my love the Party in the U.S.A. Yes people. I EFFING LOVE THAT SONG. I have been prancing/dancing around my house in an effort to release BabyG for the last two days singing to that song. I don’t even need to tell you why I love it so much because Alan does it so eloquently for me:

Come on, how can you deny me lines like: “And the Britney song was on” and “It’s definitely not a Nashville party / Cause all I see are stilettos / I guess I never got the memo.” Pure genius, yes?!

They say that once you get the gays, you’ll get everyone else. I’m chalking this one up to temporary insanity and a team of good songwriters. I’m not a 32 year old Hannah Montana fan! Am I?

Maybe it’s because of these Fire Island gays who filmed their own music video to the tune:

I can’t breathe. I am so in love with Alan. You can catch him on Lainey’s blog during TIFF. I forsee big things for this gent.


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