Elections Act Amended

Government will immediately change a section of the Elections Act that prohibited political candidates from earning a salary while running for office.

In April, the Nova Scotia legislature passed an amendment to the province’s elections law that would exempt salaries from rules that considered a person’s salary to be an illegal campaign contribution.

Bill 83, which also includes more than 100 other amendments to the Elections Act, passed third reading, but has yet to be officially proclaimed.

Today, June 15, Premier Stephen McNeil asked that the section of the law for employment remuneration be proclaimed immediately.

“The case that arose with respect to an independent candidate clearly shows that this section of the law was prohibitive and a deterrent. That’s why we felt the change was necessary to begin with,” said Premier McNeil. “Why should someone who wants to run independently, who has no access to party finances, be prohibited from running for office? It isn’t fair.”

The other amendments to the Elections Act will be proclaimed at a later date.

Source: Release

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