Elf On the Spot Blot

Having an oily T zone means either mattifying primer/ foundation or blotting through the day for me, even in the winter 🙂

Despite having multiple packs of blotting sheets in the stash, I still wanted to buy the version from Elf. This is Elf On the Spot Blot mattifying blotting papers, said to be infused with translucent powder to help mattify skin and absorb oil without disturbing your makeup.

First impressions are good – nice little compact with pretty print on the front, a mirror under the lid and applicator sponge to blot without touching the paper itself. The clear plastic case could be a little thicker/ sturdier but it does the job.

Since the mirror is a little heavy, the lid opens all the way out and cannot stay open half way as pictured (I had my fingers holding the corner of the lid, for photograph purpose).

Note: the case that I got does not close tightly, so be sure to put the compact in a pocket inside your purse instead of letting it roll around.

The papers are of decent quality, thick enough to do the job without ripping off. The size is smaller than most blotting papers out there but can still cover areas of the face. Just that once you finish this bunch of paper, you cannot refill the case with sheets from most other brands.

The black sponge feels strong and comfortable, though smells slightly plastic-y in the compact. I do suggest leaving it out a few days to disperse the smell.

Instructions: remove the protective paper from the applicator sponge to reveal adhesives, press the sponge with the adhesives down on the paper to pick up a sheet. Pat on the face where needed and discard after use, repeat if needed.

There are 8 adhesive sheets layered on the flip side of the sponge (left) but they stick together quite well. It took me a while to peel off the very first layer as I did not want to accidentally pull more than 1 sticky sheet at a time. After that, it was smooth sailing.

Since the papers have translucent powder on them, they feel nice when it touches my face, mattify the oily areas for a good few hours without leaving the heavy powdery feeling. I really enjoy them, just wish they were larger and there were more of them in the compact for the money.

The On the Spot Blot retails $5 with 25 sheets. Elf also has Shine Eraser pack with 50 oil blotting sheets with Green Tea extract, only costs you $1. I am not sure the sizes of them are comparable but note that the ingredients are different.

On the Spot Blot powder ingredients: Kaolin and Talc. Might contain Titanium Dioxide, Ferric Ferrocyanide, Iron Oxides

Shine Eraser ingredients: Microcrystakkube Wax (Cera Microcrystallina), Caprylic/ Capric Triglyceride, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract.

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