Elf Prism eyeshadow palettes

I bought 2 Elf Prism eyeshadow palettes a while back but got distracted by lip products and forgot to put them in rotation.

Here they are today, Naked and Smoke, and they are good. Not much of a spoiler, as you probably heard of them before.

The packaging is similar to the Studio 10-pan palettes (Need it Nude, Mad for Matte, etc.) – thin black palette with a mirror, but with 6 pans instead.

You can probably tell by the look in the pans, Naked is beautifully neutral but too light to be a stand-alone palette while Smoke is more balanced in colour options, leaning toward darker/ smoky looks. Together, they would make a perfect 12-pan palette.

Elf describes the formula silky and lustrous (dry or wet), and the texture a powder that feels like a cream, which allows a smooth application. I agreed. The colours go on easily, blend beautifully and have pretty sheen to them. They last through the day with a good primer, no creasing.

Naked has the perfect brow bone and lid colours for work days. The darkest shade is a good transition shade on me as well. The only thing I would change is a bit more variation in colour tones, as the 3 bronzy shades look quite close on the lids.

The 2 highlight shades could also be used as cheek highlights for non-work days 🙂

The missing dark shades for the crease and outer-V in Naked are provided by Smoke.

I did not layer the swatches to give you a true feel of the colours, but on the eyes, they build up nicely and pigmented. No complains.

The white highlighter is slightly more sheer than those in Naked but still works well under the brows. It’d probably be nicer to have a pink-toned highlighter to change things up.

Between Naked and Smoke, I have got many work looks in the last 2 weeks. There is also a Sunset palette with pink/ bronzes and purples. Each palette has 0.42oz/ 12g (slightly less than the Studio 10-pan palettes) at the same price of $10.

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