End in Sight for Autoport Strike in Eastern Passage

After weeks of picket lines and negotiations, a tentative agreement has been reached between CN Autoport and Unifor, potentially bringing an end to the strike at the Autoport facility in Eastern Passage. The strike, which began in late February, involved over 200 workers from Unifor’s Local 100, who had been demanding better wages and working conditions.

The agreement comes after CN Autoport requested to return to the negotiating table with Unifor, following the union’s call for Ottawa to intervene due to the hiring of replacement labor. Details of the agreement have not been disclosed, but workers are set to vote on the new contract on Wednesday.

One of the main points of contention in the negotiations has been wages. Jennifer Murray, the Atlantic regional director for Unifor, highlighted the challenges faced by workers in the current economic climate. The Autoport facility, which is a key hub for vehicle shipments, handles approximately 185,000 vehicles annually. The facility receives vehicles shipped by sea from Europe, unloads them, and prepares them for transport by rail to various parts of Canada. The strike has reportedly caused delays in the processing of vehicles, impacting the efficiency of operations.

Despite criticisms from the union, David Adams, president of Global Automakers of Canada, emphasized the importance of ensuring efficient port operations to maintain Canada’s competitiveness on the global stage. He noted that delays in vehicle processing have been observed during the strike, affecting European brands like Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, and Volvo.

The agreement reached between CN Autoport and Unifor is a significant step towards resolving the strike and restoring normal operations at the Autoport facility. Workers are hopeful that the new contract will address their concerns and improve their working conditions.

Via Unifor/CN

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