Enter, Gift and Win with the Heart and Stroke Foundation

Enter, Gift and Win with the Heart and Stroke Foundation
It is back!

The Heart and Stroke Foundation is back again this year with the Heart and Stroke Calendar, and your chance to win every day of the year.You can even win 2 calendars here on my blog, one to keep and one to give. There will be 5 winners right here.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation is very near and dear to me for a number of reasons. My father who died 10 years ago this week had issues with his heart for years, in fact he lived through 7 heart attacks! My uncle died of cardiac arrest very young at the age of 42. Then 3 weeks ago I started having chest pains, in fact while I was at Blissdom Canada, I was sitting next to my friend Theresa Albert as we got our nails done and was telling her about this reoccurring pain, that seemed to come every time I exerted myself even a little and sometimes I didn’t even have to exert myself much to get it going. Theresa was more than a little upset with me. She told me to get it checked immediately….like leave conference and high tail it to doctor. Well, I went right after conference. I was ever so thankful it wasn’t my heart this time, by I am over the age of 40, overweight, and have a strong family history of heart disease. So it could happen.

This organization does great work, that does a lot to help in the fight of this the number #1 killer of women.

The sale of calendars goes to a great cause, and when you buy you can win too, so that’s a bonus. How about buying and giving? They make a great frugal gift at $25.

There are THREE chances to win cash every day of the year. That is up from last year when there was only one. Every winning calendar number is automatically re-entered into the draw so you can win again and again. Plus, there are the Funtastic Friday’s $10,000 draw,the Month-end Madness $100,000 CASH PRIZE draw – and the special Monthly Holiday Jackpots, worth a cool $25,000!

You can help  the Heart and Stroke Foundation to “Pay it Forward” by gifting a Heart&Stroke Calendar Lottery to someone who touches your life. It could be a neighbour, a teacher, a family member, anyone who you feel deserves to be recognized! What a frugal way to show support!  By purchasing a calendar for $25 you’re supporting the Heart and Stroke Foundation life-saving research and giving the possibility of winning daily cash prizes every day of the year. It’s simple; we want to create a chain of giving and paying it forward: get a calendar, give a calendar.

Now the calendars themselves are works of art and contain the beautiful photography of some amazing amateur photographers from the Facebook group.

Now when join the movement, let people know if you’ve bought them a calendar! Tweet @theHSF and use the #GiftAndWin hashtag on Twitter to join the conversation. Don’t forget to like them  on Facebook on the Heart and Stroke Foundation page as well as the Heart and Stroke Calendar Lottery page, where the daily winners are announced.

The Heart& Stroke Calendar Lottery is on sale from October 3, 2011 to December 20, 2011 at midnight (while supplies last). Calendars will be available for purchase online, by phone at 1-888-514-7767, or by mail. Purchasers need to be at least 18 years of age Calendars cannot be purchased in the name of a minor. Please note that the Heart&Stroke Calendar Lottery is intended for Ontario residents only.
For more information or to make a purchase, visit calendar.heartandstroke.on.ca

HURRY! Buy before November 10, 2011 and you’ll get a chance to win an extra $25,000 in our Early Bonus Prize! Order your Calendar before December 15, 2011 and you’ll automatically be entered into the wonderful  Early Bird Prize of a cool quarter million – $250,000!

It is the Perfect Gift – Calendars make a perfect choice for the holidays! Orders received by December 1, 2011 will be delivered to the primary purchaser by December 24th!


Now to win on my blog..

You can be one of 5 winners here on my blog by doing one of two things or get two entries and do both.

1. The Calendar Lottery celebrates Paying it Forward to those who help you in big and small ways. By giving a calendar, you’re supporting the Heart and Stroke in life-saving research and giving the possibility of winning daily cash prizes every day of the year. Who do you want to Pay it Forward to and why? Comment counts as one entry

2.Simply tweet “Give your friends a chance to win big & support @theHSF by paying it forward. Get a calendar, give a calendar. #GiftandWin.” make sure u cc @commoncentsmom on your tweets. As well please leave me a comment with a link to your tweet. You can tweet a maximum of once a day…so that means if you start today, you could have 12 entries.

This contest is open to Ontario residents ONLY and will end Nov 12th, 2011 at 11 pm

There will be 5 winners who will each receive 2 calendars!!


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