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Erik the Red

After the market on Saturday, we went for a stroll along the waterfront boardwalk or at least along the parts we could. Large sections are being repaired for a big event this summer. I’ll tell you about that shortly. Look who sauntered up to us as bold as brass. Wondering what a cat would be doing in such a busy spot as the Maritime Museum I picked him up and read the tag which said…”My name is Erik the Red, I live at the Museum and know my way home, please put me down” lol. I think he lives on the Acadia, a large heritage boat moored at the dock there.

This is a typical scene here on the waterfront. Large luxury yachts alongside sailboats. I often wonder who is aboard the big boats, floating mansions really. This summer we are hosting the Tall Ships Festival again. They start to arrive on July 16th. The waterfront comes alive with these huge vessels from all over the world. There are beer tents, and craft villages and tours and music and events nonstop. culminating with a parade of sail. The ships are part of The International Tall Ships Atlantic Challange, a race across the sea with various ports of call of which Halifax is one. You can see the route here. The race kicked off April 30th. My daughter is volunteering for the event. Should be fun:)

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