Evian natural mineral water

While testing out Vichy mineralizing thermal water, I realized its similarity to Evian facial spray I previously bought from Sephora and thought a comparison might be fun.

Evian natural mineral water facial spray is nitrogen propelled with neutral 7.2pH (suitable for most skin types, including sensitive).

Now I can’t seem to find out if being propelled by nitrogen sets this spray apart from others, so I will leave that part to the experts.

Similar to Vichy mineralizing thermal water, Evian spray also claims to hydrate and sooth the skin and revive makeup, which I can confirm. It also feels cool on the skin, dries quickly and does not have a scent to trigger sensitivity.

Can’t say I notice any differences between the 2 sprays other than the way they come out of the cans. While Vichy’s version is a true spray, Evian spray is a fine mist, more gentle and less noticeable going on the skin.

Ingredients: Water, nitrogen.
The mineral composition is not the same as Vichy’s, but I can’t say if that would make a huge difference: Calcium 80 mg/l, Chlorures 6.8 mg/l, Bicarbonate 360 mg/l, Magnesium 26 mg/l, Nirales 3.7 mg/l, Potassium 1 mg/l, Silices 15 mg/l, Sodium 6.5 mg/l, Sulfates 12.6 mg/l.

The can is said to be leak proof. The standard size (5oz/ 150ml) is $15, a bit more than Vichy’s spray but the larger size is a steal – 10.1oz/ 300ml, $19.

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