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Vichy mineralizing thermal water

I have been on a roll with sprays in the last month – primer and setting sprays, refreshing sprays, skin mists, etc., so we’ll make facial sprays the theme of this week.

Starting with Vichy, one of my favorite skin care brands that I have recently reconnected with.

We have heard of Vichy thermal water in a lot of their products, now we can have it all on its own can, enriched with 15 minerals (the highest diversity of minerals among French thermal waters).

I normally look for a burst of moisture in facial sprays to sooth and revive the skin through the day, not really count on any long term effects but Vichy mineralizing thermal water is said to restore the skin’s pH, strengthen and regenerate the skin’s barrier against external aggressors.

Not the easiest claim to confirm, I must say but I do find spots calm down quite a bit through the day and the skin feels hydrated and cooling. The spray is not super fine so you do feel it when it goes on, but not abrasive.

Love the fact that it is fragrance free and dries fast enough that I don’t have to pat it in as the brand suggests. The nozzle is sturdy and produces continuous sprays if you desire.

Ingredients: Water.
Mineral composition: Hydrogenocarbonates 4818.63mg/l, Bore 970ug/l, Calcium 165.61mg/l, Fer 810ug/l, Fluorures 7.67mg/l, Lithium 5.17mg/l, Magnesium 12.08mg/l, Manganese 200ug/l, Orthophosphates 210ug/l, Potassium 103.56mg/l, Silicium 11.78mg/l, Sodium 1862.88mg/l, Soufre 182.39mg/l, Ammonium 390ug/l.

The spray is now sitting next to my desk, I have to try to refrain from overusing it. It is preservative free, 5.1oz/ 150g, $13.

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