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Extra Qualified

My maternity leave is coming to an end in merely a couple of weeks. What? You thought I was a stay at home mom? I am not going to lie to you – I kind of did too. I am grateful for the year long maternity leave we are given in Canada, but it definitely leaves me accustomed to a certain lifestyle.

When big career changes are on the horizon (and by “big career changes”, I mean “going back to work” – after being home for more than a year it certainly feels like a big career change,) it is always a good idea to dust off the ol’ resumé and make sure it is up to date.

I am lucky that I have achieved some notable resumé padding during my time on maternity leave. I have a whole writing and blogging section in my resumé that I never felt confident including before now. My resumé looks good and for the first time I actually feel proud of the things I have accomplished. I am no longer trying to fabricate a hirable person and I know that I am officially someone who has a lot of worth in certain work environments.

I am proud of my resumé.

But it isn’t complete. There is this glaringly obvious omission in it. In fact, I almost feel like I am leaving off my greatest assets and my most notable work experience.


Why is it not acceptable to place my role as a mother at the very top of my resume? Why can I not devote a whole paragraph to motherhood in my cover letter? Why is the atmosphere outside the home so hostile to something that actually has so much relevance?

Employment Experience
2010 – Present: Mother

  • Management position. Managed events, budgets, and schedules. Managed team dynamics. Organized catering for evening meetings.
  • Natural leader. Experienced at being heard and seeing visions through. Good at organizing schedules and timetables and considers the wellbeing of everyone she leads. Delegates efficiently.
  • Good team player. Willing to accept when it is time for another leader to step up for a fresh perspective. Will work towards a common goal.
  • Exhibits care and compassion. Creates peace in hostile environments. An expert at solving interpersonal problems. (Efficient TimeOut enforcer).
  • Expert multitasker. Can complete multiple tasks at once in the midst of insufferable distraction. Does not even require personal space.
  • Impeccable memory. Able to retain information for future use. Examples include television theme songs and beloved story books.
  • Imaginative and creative. Two creations were accomplished so well that they took on life of their own.

Management, leadership, multitasking, organizational skills, interpersonal skills: Who wouldn’t want to hire me?

Still, these qualifications attained through motherhood are hidden in efforts to make ourselves seem less family-oriented for potential employers. Society doesn’t necessarily want to hear about the role of motherhood. If they did, they would have to find a way to value it more. So for now, let me assure you – mothers (and parents) reading this – your job is valuable. Your job is worthwhile. Your job is tough. And the things you do day in and day out are major assets.

Extra Qualified

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