Fabulous .99 haul

Guys, I’m so excited. I came home last night with lots of Carlo Di Roma goodies. And the thing is they only cost me .99 a pop!!! Note that they are CAD4.99 regularly.

I read a few weeks ago on Nouveau Cheap that this brand ended up at Dollar Tree stores in the US, but the stuff was of good quality. I was so sad I couldn’t get any that cheap, as I never saw this brand go on sale. Today I saw the “.99” signs on the Carlo Di Roma shelf, I couldn’t believe it. What happened to this brand, I don’t really know, but what I know was I ran to grab a basket and just literally threw stuff in, not really looking much. I only had 5-10 minutes to spend before picking up Squirt, but I did well.

The eye products:
Top row: the Glacons – creamy shadows in very cute packaging – little globe of colour inside a square clear hard plastic case. I love it. From L-R: light burgundy, bronzed brown, green, pearly beige and pinkish purple (no real shade names).

Middle row: the Shiny Powders – roll-on shadows. I like the idea of no-mess application, great for touch-up too. From L-R, top-bottom: blue (#11), light green (#10), bronzy pink (#8), yellow (#3) and navy grey (#12)

Bottom row: the Trio Binaural shadows – 3 combos of complimentary shades (highlight, wash colour and crease colour). From L-R: grey (#11), pink (#15) and green (#5).

The lip products: This picture is with flash to show the glossiness.
Black Label lipsticks – supposed to be long lasting and moisturizing, with a shine. On the left: purple (#48) and bright rosy pink (#35). On the right: fuschia (#38) and bronzy red (#46).

In the middle, far left is Diamond Lip gloss in red (#10).

The other 3 are 3D Magic Lip glosses with squirly patterns. The reflective pigments contribute to boost the shine. From L-R: pearly pink (#33), pearly burgundy red (#36) and orange (#32).

I really like the packaging of these items, slick with black top and clear body. There is a bit of a curve near the bottom too, very chic.

The cheek products:
On the left is the Moulin Rouge blush in a peachy colour (#11). It is said to enhance the cheeks and hide small defects. Could be applied on the forehead, nose and temples like a bronzer for natural effect – depending on how the shade looks on the skin tone.

The Terracotta bronzing powder, same tone (peachy colour, #2). It has fine particles of terracotta and nacres to lighten the skin naturally. Like most of bronzers, there is a sun pattern on the product, which makes it very fun.

And lastly, the nail polishes:
There were quite a few neutral/nude shades that I didn’t pick up, so these are the ones called out to me the most.

First row, from L-R: an orangy beige (#33), baby pink (#61), dark red with gold sparkles (#70) and rosy pink (#27).
Second row, fuschia (#72), light purple (#10), velvety brown (#69) and blackish fuschia (#71). Finish is either cream or shimmer.

I like the rectangular shape of the bottles, again with black caps. 14ml is a decent/regular size for polish bottles, so it is certainly a steal not having to pay CAD4.99 but CAD0.99 for these. Interestingly, the nail polishes that Recessionista found had a totally different bottle design.

I suck at describing colours, and it doesn’t help that Carlo Di Roma didn’t name their shades. The colours didn’t show up well in the picture because of the glare from the window. I’ll do a few NOTDs with these so you can see them better, not al at once though 🙂

For the little time I had at the store, I didn’t touch the liners, mascaras, or foundations and will have to come back. In the mean time, you can check out Carlo Di Roma catalogue to see the products they carry (the main website hasn’t been updated for a while). Quite a few products in the catalogue Lawton didn’t carry. Now with the clearance, they would be even harder to find.

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