Fairy Tale called The Shed

Once upon a time and still upon a time, in a place by the sea called Nova Scotia, there lives a beautiful young woman named Kate.

Her house is bright yellow .

Full of dreams

One day, a special dream came true……and the Shed was born. (with a bit of hard work and some splinters)

A creative place full of light, laughter and magic. Perched on the edge of a sparkling creek. People from far and wide come to learn from Kate.

and learn from each other                                                                                               (KateInglisphoto)

Conversations flow easily, sometimes fortunes get told

 Soon cameras are everywhere

 Exploring the possibilities….

Food and wine appear, just when needed…

Nearby towns become part of the learning..

Portraits are captured


and again

Then with cameras full, some intrepid students pose for one more..

Meanwhile, back at the Shed something wonderful awaits…

Another sumptuous feast and then music…..under the stars, with a dancing inch worm, crackling fire, quilts, tired happy new friends and old ones enjoy the magic that is The Shed.

All this because a woman named Kate weaves magic.                                               (AidanMorgan:photo)

The shed is still there, sitting quietly in the woods waiting for the next adventure

Road Closures-Hammonds Plains Rd. & Kearney Lake Rd.

A Nice Sign For #Sacktown NHLer James Sheppard!