Fashion Sads: Personalized Style

L-A: I’ve got the fashion sads bad today. What is quite possibly the most Me sweater to be made to date is one I can never own:



You see, this Lily Pulitzer number only comes in the colour salmon and that is one of the colours that my genetic cocktail has deemed unwearable.

That and beige turn me into the most washed out looking creature.

But you’re probably all, “L-A, how is this even remotely perfect? There are no stripes!” Well, it’s rare, but I will occasionally do wear solids. Not often, but it happens (not today. But I swear it happens. There are at least two solids in my closet). And if it’s a personalized boat neck sweater, well, it’s a prime candidate for my small collection of non-striped clothing. It could only be improved if they made it L-A instead of just L (and maybe added stripes). That’s because I kind of love personalized stuff. Remember these necklaces?



I legit wore mine daily until it was a tarnished mess.  I can only assume this is part of some leftover childhood hangup in which there was NEVER a novelty comb or barrette or sticker that said “Lesley-Anne” (and I was lucky if I could get “Lesley”. I’m giving the stink eye to my almost name twin Leslies right now who probably could get more personalized shit than I did). And because Romper Room never, ever said my name. And I was watching.

Click here to view the embedded video.

How the fuck did she see a Harley and a Marlin, but not a Lesley-Anne?? Seriously.

All of this is probably why,  in spite of my husband’s objections, I’ve been seriously considering rocking this look on one of my cardigans.



Don’t mock. Laverne and Shirley had, at times, some serious swag.


No idea why anyone thought this album was a good idea, but Laverne is working the pencil skirt and the belted top.



Take away Laverne’s socks, and I’m 99% on board with this outfit (I don’t love a V-neck).

I’d go for a smaller “L” and it’d only be one sweater instead of everything I own, but I think it could work. Or maybe I just need a new personalized necklace again (haven’t found one). Until then, fashion sads and I’ll be dreaming of a sweater in a colour I can never wear since my skin tone is basically the same colour as a salmon.


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