Fashionable Dudes: I’m with the Band (of Outsiders)

L-A: Time for another installment of Fashionable Dudes! Because it’s just too easy to focus only on what the ladies can wear. Today we’re talking Band of Outsiders because I’m kind of in love with their polaroid-esque photo shoot of Jason Schwartzman in their F/W ‘09 collection. (they also have the adorable Boy. by Band of Outsidersfor the ladies, but we’ll save that for another day).  I don’t love everything, but what I do like, I really like. There’s something very 1970s/yachting/geeky/Royal Tennenbaums-ish going on here. So here are a few of my faves:

3 9

17 26

Awesome n’est pas? I love the duffle coat and the sweater/blazer combo. I even love the elbow patches.  I know there is some double breasted jacket action happening there. Proceed with caution when attempting the double breasted jacket. Shop with an honest friend and then sleep on it.

The other thing I love about that photo shoot is that it kind of has the awesomeness of a really good Beastie Boys video. Like Sabotage:

Love that video. No reason to post it other than I enjoy it. Please don’t try to dress like that. I’m just saying the polaroidstyle photos kind of made me think of Sabotage. (speaking of polaroids, how sad is it that the film is almost all gone? It kills me. This means I may never get to use my polaroid again).

My other reason for loving Band of Outsiders right now? Is that some of my bestest Pretend Boyfriends have been in photoshoots looking très hot while sporting this brand. Mostly wearing their ties, but dudes need to think about having good ties, which is why I’ll share.

2009.July.GQ.pg102 09.April.InStyle.pg117 09.04.GQ_USA.120

You had to have seen the Ed Westwick coming. But I bet you didn’t expect Spock/Sylar/Zach Quinto or The NPH.  And here’s two more in shirts/waistcoats by Band of Outsiders:

RonsonGQmarch 2009.June.Esquire.Pg113

So that’s PretendBoyfriend Ronson in Band of Outsiders shirt and PretendBoyfriend Joseph Gordon Levitt in a bitchin’ waistcoat.

I know. This is where you tell me that “normal guys can’t dress like this. blahblahblah“. Well, normal guys, you probably can a little bit. Because I can’t dress like models/actresses, but that doesn’t stop me from taking cues from their styles.  And don’t tell me you can’t afford it. A lot of your probably aren’t in the market for a $2000 jacket and that’s okay. Again, take cues if you can’t actually afford the label.  Or just buy the ties. You can wear the ties. I know you can. Or maybe the boat shoes (without socks!).


And one last thought on Band of Outsiders, if they can make Penn Badgley look this spiffy and cleaned up, well, think about what they can do for you.

penn_pure penn1

(all photos are from the band of outsiders site. except for the one of dirty, scruffy penn badgley).

Although, Penn looking good in Band of Outsiders (on the left) may have more to do with him shaving and not wearing a dirty looking toque to a bar.

I can’t figure out if you can buy Band of Outsiders in Halifax, but you can buy it online from Gravity Pope (which is in Edmonton/Calgary/Vancouver), Roden Gray(Vancouver) does do online orders, and there’s always Holt Renfrew if you’re traveling to pretty much every other major city in the country.

AllyG: Yay! I love when we do Fashionable Dudes! That came out wrong, but you know what I mean. First off, yes, I’m still here, still pregnant. I’m totally positive about it though! Totally!

I readily admit that I had never ever heard of Band of Outsiders prior to you writing this delicious post. Delicious is the correct word to use, because those clothes are simply scrumptious. I also don’t buy the “normal guys can’t wear these” excuse, either. Please, if you can show up to work wearing a t-shirt with a days old mustard stain, ripped jeans and cons, you can wear any of the above outfits.

Can we chat about the gingham shirt Ed/Chuck is wearing above? I bought a similar one from The Club for El Jeffe. It looks like this, except in blue:

Club Monaco

You may be wondering, “where in the eff did Ally get that photo of that handsome young man?” Let me tell you! In my quest to find an image of the gingham shirt from Club Monaco I stumbled upon what will soon become one of my favourite new blogs, “What is James Wearing?” L-A, I believe we have found our male equivalent. We must send him love/stalker notes immediately. His blog includes lyrical ramblings such as below:

“For some time I’ve wanted to create an interior inspired by Ponti’s magnificent work and here at the uber chic Galerie Van Den AkkerI think I’ve foundthe perfect start. Behind me is a stunning cabinet in white and cobalt lacquer, soothingly complimented by an almost oceanic emerald green clear lacquered goatskin parchment cocktail table. The whole arrangement has me yearning for the idyllic emerald green sea and scintillating blue skies of the Amalfi coast – one of those world class hedonist playgrounds.”

Wait! It gets better!

Basking in the thought of this dream interior-scape, I’m wearing a turquoise and white cotton shirt with contrast white collar and cuffs by Turnbull and Asser, Seaman Scheppscufflinks in precious turquoise, vintage Cartier tank watch from Raj Tolaram medallion print cotton pants in shades of aqua, turquoise and navy by Gucci, silver chain link belt, black leather sandals and white leather bag all by Gucci.

You’re dying to see what he is wearing, correct? Let me show you!!!


I EFFING LOVE THE INTERNET. If I could, I would share a piece of my McCain’s Deep and Delicious with the Internet. And James. I’d share a piece with James as well. Although, I think I’d rather get ass-over-face drunk with James. Can you imagine the poetry that would culminate from that evening?

I think the reason why I am so drawn to Band of Outsiders is because I, like L-A, am an alum of the University King’s College. To me, these clothes are the epitome of UKC pretention. Am I wrong L-A? Can you not see these outfits sauntering into a FYP lecture?  

Since it is my 2nd anniversary today with El Jeffe, I’d like to focus for a second on something he would love. Shoes that do not require socks. EJ hates socks as he claims he has “overheated feet”. Lucky for him, Band of Outsiders has some snazzy footwear that will keep his piglets chillin’ through early fall. Exhibit A:

BoO shoes1

I for real approve. The rolling of the pant leg is walking a fine line between safe and hearing shouts of “where’s the flood!” from your unimaginative arsehole colleagues. I’m calling this one safe though.

These on the other hand…these will not be purchased for El Jeffe.


You cannot, I repeat, cannot wear loafers with tapered pants. Wait, why are you even wearing tapered pants? Are you being ironic? I feel as though this is an outfit one would wear to FYP Frosh Week at King’s before realizing that irony will in fact not get you laid.


Wearing this, while taking someone out on your yachtfor a picnic, will work with the ladies. Note the sockless loafers with khakis. Golf claps.

I like this brand because it allows our fashionable dudes to step it up a bit without losing any individuality. L-A is correct when she suggests buying a few pieces here and there and mixing and matching. Investment pieces, people…investment pieces.

To review. This is bad:


These are good.


I’m going to go eat some anniversary cake by myself. It’s almost 8am. That seems about right.

Ally xo

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