Faves of ’11: Overexposed

Last year I created this list to highlight some people who I totally love, but had gotten a little too much face time in with the rest of the world over the course of 2010. We’re not talking someone like Kim Kardashian, who’s just plain overstayed her welcome, or a Charlie Sheen who was practically begged by the world to fade from the public eye, but a Betty White – someone beloved, but everywhere. And there were plenty of these people in 2011 as well. 
1. Lady Gaga
Look, I’m a Lady Gaga fan. I really am. But with everything from arriving at the Grammys via egg, to that weird alter-ego Jo Calderone, to her Thanksgiving special that simultaneously revealed too much and nothing about at all, I’m ready for her to step out of the spotlight for a moment. 
2. Ryan Gosling
Again, I love Ryan Gosling. I think he’s funny, charming and good-looking. I liked the work he did this year. But there was so much of it! Drive, The Ides of March, Crazy Stupid Love…and yet he still finds time to wander the streets breaking up fights and playing the ukulele! And then of course, there are the 15 bilion Tumblrs devoted to him, which were funny at first but have really lost there charm. I just need a little break. Give Ryan Reynolds a chance to shine for six months or something, you know?
3. Taylor Swift
It’s not so much Taylor that I need a break from, but Taylor’s patented, uber-surprised “OMG I Won???” face. Girl. People like you. You write lovely music. You have a lot of fans. Stop. Being. Surprised.
4. Pippa Middleton and The Royals.
Look, I’m sorry, I just don’t get it. Yeah, Pippa looked good in that white bridesmaids dress. Yeah, the Royal Wedding was really pretty. It should be, it cost enough! But am I the only person on the planet who thinks that Kate and Pippa Middleton are like, really average looking? Anyone could look as good as they do with the hair, makeup and wardrobe expertise that’s at their disposal. But Coca Rocha these girls are not. And William is bald.Yes, Kate Middleton is stylish. Yes, I enjoy her. But why all the fuss about her sister? Who is she? She’s not even a princess! Why are we so excited about her? I just don’t get it.
5. Zombies
They had their moment. Everyone likes The Walking Dead. Can someone just wake me up when wizards are cool again? OK, Thanks.

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