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Favourite Friday: August 20th edition

L-A: I’m going to keep my part of this week’s favourites short. Why is that? Not because I’m lazy or because I once again fell and banged up my wrist, but because I’m two hours away from this:

I hope the alumni association sprung for T-Pain. And yes, I got a nautical themed pashmina afghan (some creative embroidery on my part).

On the fashion front, there is a local event happening downtown:

It’s the Fashion and Design Festival, taking place Friday and Saturday. There will be outdoor runways, shopping and some parties. It’s a chance to support our local fashion industry, so if you’re downtown this weekend, you should check it out.

Ally: I think that might be the best “phone-in” post L-A has ever transcribed. In other news, in this week’s edition of Mundane Details from Ally’s Life, my antibiotics for my sinus infection are doing wonders for my stomach. I feel like I’m going to ralph. With that image in your head, can we talk boyfriend blazers?


I ain’t care none that they are so 2009. They are a must for my closet now that the cold weather is looming. I’m thinking Club Monaco might be my best bet, my husband (who knows a thing or two about Club Monaco pricing) might disagree. Have any of your lovelies seen a similar style at Joe Fresh? I see on their adult look book that they have a “schoolboy blazer”. Hmm… is “schoolboy” the same as a “boyfriend”? Seems slightly inappropriate to me. Ask me again when I’m coug-ing* it up at 35.

*(coug is short for cougar…keep up with me, people)

Next up on the Fave Friday agenda is a new fave site: Bohemian Town. A site all about the stylin’ people of Halifax. I keep scrolling down but can’t seem to find any pictures of myself. Shall I send some in? Or does it have to be “candid”? I can do candid!

As I feel a potential ralph coming on, I’m going to go right to the  music video of the week. JRDN’s, You Can Have it All:

Sure, it might not be L-A’s style, but you know I love me my R&B. Plus, Jordon is from Halifax, we went to High School together, and it’s seriously refreshing to hear something beside fiddle and folk music coming out of the east coast.

L-A: Boyfriend blazers! Yessss! I fully intend to work those into my fall wardrobe. With nautical stripes! (did I mention I was on a boat? I totally was).

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