Favourite Friday – August 28 Edition – Dancing, fashion, and cake!

AllyG: Ah, Friday. Not as eventful when each day of the week is spent anxiously awaiting  a baby. Still, there is something about Friday that makes you want to dust off your martini glasses and put on your best Prada gown.

Our Favourite Friday posts began when L-A was on vacation and I made the decision to dedicate an entire day’s post to what we love the most on that particular week. In hindsight, these decisions should be made mutually, but L-A was in California getting sun and Marc Jacobs accessories, and I was particularly hormonal. Thus, Favourite Fridays were born. If I were to be completely honest, my favourites this week do not have to do with fashion. For this week, I am in love with….


I have been all over these like Tara Reid on a bottle of vodka. I love you Tums.

Also, I question whether I have any real friends. If I did have real friends, I am sure they would have told me about McCain’s Deep and Delicious cake. HOW DID I JUST DISCOVER THIS NOW? It has been my breakfast treat all week!


I know at this point you are all begging for me to go into labour so that I’ll shut my stupid face about what I’m craving and what I’m despising. DEAL WITH IT. Misery loves company. On to fashion, mmkay?

We’ve talked about the resurgance of Barbie in the past, well here is even MORE exciting news. Apparently, there will be a Barbie music video to coincide with the launch of a brand new line of Barbie dolls called “Fashionistas”. I’m losing it!

So, please, grab a bottle of pinot grigio tonight, down it accordingly and follow the below instructions for the awesome choreography. Recognize some of the moves? Thought you would. It’s the same choreographer who did Beyonce’s Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) video. You know you got blasted and tried to work those moves. Admit it.

You’re going to thank me for this. Trust.

We’ve also discussed my love for Kate Moss. Girl’s got 99 problems but style ain’t one. Therefore, I am completely excited for her Autumn/Winter 09 line being sold at TopShop…EVEN THOUGH WE DO NOT HAVE A TOPSHOP (again, how perfect would TopShop be on Barrington? PERFECT).



According to Ideeli, the collection includes “80’s inspired high voltage pieces inspired by Kate’s rock n roll spirit”. Kate looks like a Balmain girl, non?

And while I have Kate, L-A will always have Dita. Which is why I am thinking she is going to be SUPER excited to hear that Dita is coming out with a beauty book (Did L-A mention this already? She could have…I might have been hunched over with one of those “fake contractions” and missed it). Dita announced on her twitter page that, ““I am currently writing a beauty book, in fact. It will probably be out this time next year. It’s a big project!” L-A is totally getting this for Christmas next year. Who wouldn’t want to look as good as this?


Do you know what isn’t my favourite this week? The way Imogen Heap’s Hide and Seek has been BUTCHERED by Jason DeRulo. Now, I like crap music as we all know, but this has gone TOO FAR.

This song represented a milestone moment in one of my favourite shows. You know, when Marissa shot Trey. Cut deep to the soul, my friends. Deep to the soul.

L-A: Okay, it took me a few minutes to recover from that O.C. Moment. Ryan + Marissa 4eva. Seriously. Did they win some kind of random teen choice award for Best Season Finale for that? Because they should have. Of course,  they would have had that award taken away for the Marissa Dies Finale. So painful to watch. And not in a good way. I’m only linking to it, not actually sharing the video. I broke up with the O.C. that day. That cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah is bad enough. That scene is probably when Leonard knew he needed to stop singing that song.

Anyway, on to my favourite things of the week! I warn you now: I am all over the map today, but there is a train of thought hidden in here. I actually love Favourite Fridays. They’re fun times. I don’t know if you readers like them, but I sure as heck do (so far you haven’t said you hated them). Now that I’ve given you my thoughts on The O.C. (because you were dying to know), I’m going to move on to a fashion note, which is my favourite video of the week (this is a video heavy Friday) brought to you by (the always adorable and never in the tabloids for questionable behaviour) Julia Stiles, who “cares about the environment more than you” (and shout out to EW Popwatch for tipping me off to that video. That’s another favourite. You should be reading Popwatch):

I kind of already loved Julia Stiles already, so to see her make fun celeb designers just warmed the cockles of my heart. Because you know how I feel about celebs thinking they can be designers. Her website, JuliaStilesStyles.com? Love it. Also love the “outfits”. Like Save the Last Shants (shirt + pants = shants) “on sale” for $470:

Picture 2 copy vig

Actually, while the outfits are ridiculous, there is something to the idea behind 10 Shirts I Love About You:

Picture 5 copy vig

And that something is Halifax based Orphanage Clothing:

orphanage may2009 081

Kim Munsen’s designs are pretty bad ass. Not really my style, but it is one way to do the eco-chic and be fashionable (which should totally be a post for another day).

Now back to Julia Stiles. Despite her sometimes questionable choices in films, she was in one of my all time favourite movies: 10 Things I Hate About You. Julia Stiles + Heath Ledger + Joseph Gordon Levitt + a bunch of other great actors in the bit parts + great writing = more awesome than you can handle in a teen movie. I mention it because I got hooked on the new TV series that is based on the movie this week. It’s nowhere near as good as the movie, but what the hell. It’s a favourite this Friday:

Okay. So it’s a bit cheesy and heavy on the family friendly. But it’s cute. And watching it has made me revisit the original movie, particularly this Julia Stiles dance scene. Julia Stiles busting a move to Notorious B.I.G.? How can that not be a favourite?

I also loved her style at the time and totally wore shit like platform sandals:


Trust me when I say that mine were 10,000 times cuter (or at least 50 times cuter) and that it was 1999, so shut up already about my choice in footwear. They were cool back then and I won’t apologize for them.

And the dancing brings me to my final favourite thing of the week: Battle of the Frigging Blades. Okay, the official name does not include the word ‘frigging’. I’m not one for reality based dance/singing competitions. In fact, I mostly hate them. I will confess to watching the first season of Dancing with the Stars, but it included former NKOTB Joey McIntyre (before NKOTB attempted a come-back!), so how could I not watch him learn the cha-cha:

Bank Atlantic Center

But even though I don’t watch these shows and I don’t watch hockey, I may actually watch a show that tries to teach retired hockey players to figure skate and then compete against one another:


Final favourite of the week? The gossip on Gossip Girl that Chuck Bass will kiss a boy (I love TV gossip, which is why I love Ausiello):


Now go enjoy your weekend. You may not love Favourite Fridays, but we love you. And because we love you, may we suggest drinking caipirinhas? They are the National Drink of Brazil and they are tasty. Make ‘em yourself or go find a bar. I know of two in Halifax that serves either an original or a variation on the theme. Or have a Deep n’ Delicious cake. I am baffled at how Ally had no idea about these cakes. I kind of assumed everyone knew about them. They have been in the freezer section since the 80s. And they really are deep and delicious. Kind of like Chuck Bass.



size it up!

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