Favourite Friday – Dec. 10 Edition: Cute Hats & Pop Tart Holiday

L-A: Finally, it’s Friday! Not that it means we’re all “hooray, weekend! free time!”. Ally is M.I.A. today because she has important work things to attend to (like a family-sized box of wine, maybe?), but promises to show us her new outfit later. And I’m just trying to keep my head above water as I finish up my semester, attend an obscene number of Christmas parties (at least five in a two week period, with a few that had to be turned down because of double booking), go to work, and get my suitcases and apartment ready for my vacation.  Is it any wonder I fell asleep on the bus yesterday evening and lost The Husband’s brown cord jacket. (seriously, if you found it on Barrington St or on the Number 7, let me know. I’d like to try and get it back).

Anyway, one week until my holidays start and my eye twitch settles down, so less whinging and whining and more favourites. Here they are:

1. Mary-Eleanor’s beaucoup adorable hats.

I’ve been meaning to tell you about these hats for sometime now. Maybe because it’s winter and my head is cold that I’m getting on it. She’s made these hats to help raise money for a trek to an Everest basecamp in Nepal. The trip wasn’t just for fun, she was doing it to raise money for the Arthritis Society. And now that she’s done that, she’s going to keep on making hats to keep on raising money for good causes. This time it’s a Habitat for Humanity build.  That means you can have a cute hat and feel good about spending your money on that hat (it’s $12 for kids, $15 for adults). Drop her a line at maryef_walker [at] yahoo.com if you’re interested in getting your own hat.

2. More feeling good stuff, less fashion: Ben is onto the final War Child challenge and he needs your votes.  Go and vote for him. We like Ben, so you should too. And this challenge is all about helping kids. We like kids, so of course we want to help them!  Also, he promises to wear cute safari outfits for us if he goes to Ethopia. Jaunty pith helmet anyone?

3. An FPQT First: Your crappy pop video of the week is brought to you solely by me, with absolutely no help or encouragement from Ally. For reals.  I thought we’d start another Christmas Pop Video Countdown and Jill suggested some Britney (oh please, you didn’t think I went looking for Britney Christmas tunes unprovoked?). So this one is going out to all of you who love Britney and love crappy pop music (I’m looking at you Ally, in  your fancy bizness outfit):

I hope you enjoyed that. There are a lot of crappy homemade videos for this song (and most of them had fonts that make baby Jesus cry…not cool interwebz, not cool) and I had to sift through them.

Next week, we’re going to start getting all up in your business with posts about the holidays and other sparkly stuff. So if you have any suggestions for holiday pop songs, now is your chance.

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