The Quest to Look Professional-Like

Ally: It’s been a while since I reminded you how much I hate winter. Don’t be annoyed, my husband hears it three times a minute. I really, really hate winter. There’s not enough sweater dresses in the world to change my mind. Trust me, I own all the sweater dresses in the world. Still hate it.

I think I’ve said this before (I may have been drunk and forget the next day), but the worst part about winter is the shoe predicament. I mean, seriously. How sexy is it to tote around your shoes in a stupid little shoe bag while you wear busted boots with salt and slush all over them. Sort of kills the vibe of walking into a meeting room only to dart off into the corner to change your shoes like we did back in grade primary. HATE IT. Thank Britney Spears for parking garages (yes, I did just say that. I like parking garages. Eff you).

It’s just really hard to bring it in winter. Really BRING IT…you know?

Yes. You’re welcome. That is indeed the worst thing you’ve ever seen in your life. In my quest to find a suitable scene from one of the best classic movies of all time, “Bring it on“, I instead found a vomit inducing montage of Sarah Palin. I….I….words…yah…people are amazing.

So, in addition to sweater dresses, I have been wearing the wool mini, which has been making my days bearable. I love how Donna Karen featured the mini in her S/S 2010 campaign last year. Perhaps they are on sale now? L-A, can you check when you hit up the States for the holi’s?


I also would feel better about wearing flannel pajamas at night (I know, I’m a hot tamale) if I could wear this during the day:


Diane von Furstenberg. You love it.

This post has been interrupted by a client call with an urgent job request requiring Ally to work late into the evening. Talk amongst yourselves…

L-A: ummm…winter sucks?

But seriously. Every winter I wonder why I stay in this slushy, wet, wintery city (whatever my reasons are, and I do have them, it’s not for the weather). It’s rarely even pretty outside during the winter to make up for the cold and the salt. I might deal better if the city looked like the front of an effing Christmas card.

Honestly, I’m not really prepared to face this winter. I’m just focusing on getting through the next week and a half until I can get my Vitamin D and fresh avocado fix in Palm Springs during the holidays (yes, you can start hating me in 3…2…1…go).  But, while I am in Palm Springs, my plan is to try to find some cozy sweaters to get me through the cold dreary winter. You know, something solid like this sucker from Anthropologie:

seriously cozy = on the wish list


I would totally wear that with a long sleeved shirt underneath and jeans. You may laugh at me for this, but I will be laughing at you when I am warm and cozy and my arms aren’t cold.

Unlike Ally, I am not currently planning on wearing dresses or skirts unless I absolutely must and I am getting a ride in my carpool, but if I do, I am all over the grey tights (see above photo of model strutting her stuff in grey tights).

I’d like to tell you that I plan on rocking a hat like this, which would achieve both warmth and professionalism:

But let’s be honest, I will most likely be sporting something like this and grumbling about hat hair and static:

(can I just give some big ups to Anthropologie today? Not only did they have a sweater and hat that I would like to purchase, but they make it really frigging easy to use pictures from their site. You can bet your bottom dollars I will be shopping there within two weeks, especially as they have opened a store in my pretend home town)

How I Met Your Mother: Forget-me-not

Divisadero by Michael Ondaatje