Favourite Friday – December 18 Edition: get LC’s hair and some schadenfreude

AllyG: I would be remiss if I didn’t thank L-A for stepping up again this week and not outing me as a shitty co-blogger. In my obsession to get my exhausted three month old more sleep, I have not had much time to think about fashionable topics. However, I DO actually have something worthwhile to bring to the table for Favourite Fridays! And not just a crappy pop music video (which I totes will be providing later in my post!)!

Let’s talk about my new fave hairstyle. The braid. Granted, I am behind on this trend, but my hasty decision to get bangs has brought on a full fledged appreciation for the hairstyle that Lauren Conrad made popular. Yes, Lauren Conrad. I have fully embraced the side braid. Fully.


Do you not know how to braid a la Laur

en? Hush! Do not fret! I have found the appropriate guidance from YouTube!

It is the BEST way to hide bangs that you deeply regret.

There is also this!

My hair is quite similar to her’s.

My advice is to use some styling cream on dry hair. Don’t braid when wet, I’ve tried that…bad results. This style is particularly fantastic when you haven’t had time to shower and you have unexpected visitors. Also, sometimes it’s just dang nice to look good for BabyG. Do you know who else likes the side braid? Nicole!


Of course, her braids are more elaborate, but she does everything better than everybody. And I say that with zero sarcasm.

I will continue to rock this look until my bangs grow out and I am able to shower. Until then, a braid and a whore’s bath is just fine!


Annnnd…what you really come here for on Friday…my crappy pop music video of the week! If you don’t find this catchy you aren’t human. Hear that L-A?

P.S. ‘Member how we were talking about patterned tights? Can I show you a good example?


This is how you wear patterned tights, ladies. Note for my friend “S”, these would go perfectly with your cream coloured skirt. Well done, SJP. Too bad about your movie.

L-A: Okay, while not the worst of the crappy pop videos (I’m still reeling from Young Jeezy and how he’s “gonna bag you like groceries”), that was still pretty bad. The Husband said it sounded like every other song he had to listen to on C100 while his pupils dilated.  This is not a compliment to either Iyaz or C100.  Catchyish, but too Autotuney for my liking.  I limit my Autotune to T-Pain and Lonely Island (not so safe for work):

That video is my favourite EVERY week. I kid you not.

Moving on, I totally support you on the Lauren Conrad side braid. Say what you will about LC’s talents as a designer or young adult novelist, she is a cute girl with great hair. I was working that as best I could this summer when my bangs and hair were way too long. It was the only thing that saved me from taking the scissors to my own bangs. (hairdressers hate when you do that). Although, I could have used those youtube videos back then. I kind of sucked at actually making the braid look all that good.

And we’re probably going to lose a reader or two over my next favourite, but here it is is: Jimmy Choo Schadenfreude.  H&M convinced people to drop a few hundred dollars on what was essentially a licensed knock off (I haven’t heard anything good about this collaboration) and now Net-a-Porter has real Jimmy Choos on sale for about the same price.  I’m still not going to buy any (I don’t actually like Jimmy Choo shoes). I’m just going to feel smug for no good reason other than I can.

Final favourite from me:

I don’t care if I’m in my 30s – I love YA fiction (partly because I’m maybe trying to write some myself, partly because there is a lot of good YA out there). But Cracked Up to Be by Courtney Summers is just good reading, YA or no YA categorizing. It’s smart and it has sucked me in. In fact, I’m going to sign off now and go finish reading – because I’ve been waiting all day to see how it ends (work gets in the way of all my fun!).

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