I’m Suffering from “Christmasiac Disease”

Last night I turned on a PVR’d episode of Dr. Oz in which they talked about Celiac Disease.  It’s the disease that Elizabeth Hasselback has where you have a severe intolerance to gluten which causes all sorts of problems.  Well here she is describing how she was feeling until she was finally properly diagnosed and then it starts to occur to me that “I” could have celiac disease because I’ve been in a constant state of boat and stomach upset since Saturday!  Like COME ON!!!!!

That’s how much of a mind trip I am on right now feeling “off” the wagon – now I start entertaining ideas like I have a disease and it couldn’t possibly be overeating and consuming junk that my body is no longer used to!

*shakes head*

So, with that said, I’ve declared that while it’s not “Celiac” disease, it is indeed a phenomenon and I’m calling it “Christmasiac” disease and so far it’s not letting up!  I really don’t get it.  And quite frankly, it’s making me feel harder on myself than I really should be!  I have overeaten and had some treats, but I’m journaling it and looking back on it, while I do deserve a big gain on Saturday, I don’t think my body deserves to feel THIS badly for it.  Agh!

And FYI: Saturday’s WI is NOT going to be one of those “oh look it wasn’t that bad after all” kind of days and right now I’m just trying to muster up the courage to go, so I hope you all understand if I don’t post a video and/or a photo of it.  I am always honest with you guys, but right now I feel like I need to just hang my head down low and go!  I honestly just neeeed to go and put an end to it and press the re-start button.

There are not limits to the amount of re-start buttons you can press, ya know.

P.S.  I’m running a half marathon in May!!!  (In case I didn’t mention it before!) ;-)  What ‘til ya’ll see me run the arse off of these extra pounds….just you watch!

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