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Favourite Friday – Feb 5 Edition: magazine love, girl crushes and things we covet

AllyG: The first week of Feb was a good week for me. Due to the last week of January being such a nightmare (terrible case of cabin fever), the husband took pity on me and came home early a couple of evenings this week AND agreed to take Friday off so that I could catch up with work colleagues and friends. This meant that I actually brushed my hair and put on jeans every day. I mean, that was it, I just brushed my hair and put on jeans but still E for Effort.

I also got to hang with L-A and our friends at Haligonia. As you know, we’ve collaborated with them on a few projects in the past (I can’t look at the footage as I resemble a freakishly large whale in my pregnant state), and we’ve got some things underway for 2010. Stay tuned for more info!

While all of this made for a fab week, my dreams totally came true when I checked the mail on Wednesday and found this:


You totally were expecting me to say Billy Bush was in my mailbox weren’t you! I have such a girl-crush on Nicole. I won’t gush over her new clothing line Winter Kate, that deserves a full post (L-A is probably gagging herself with a spoon), but I will golf clap over this cover. The vest. The jewellery. The hair. OMG the hair. Complete adoration.

Another fave this week is these  Prada Cutout Espadrille Wedges…


Sweet Mary in a Bread Basket (isn’t that the saying?). Those are like sex on wheels. Except instead of wheels…feet.

Lastly, the Crappy Pop Video of the Week. This one goes out to Steve from Haligonia:

I think I speak for all women when I say that we all pray as little girls that our future husbands would approach us and say, “Maybe we can go to my place and kick it like TaeBo, and possibly bend you over, then you can look back and watch me Smack That”.

I just…I mean…I can’t even call this catchy. That’s just some unimaginative writing, Akon. That does not bring the swooooooooooooooon.

This is quite the porny post today! It would be weird for you to deviate from the theme, L-A!

L-A: I like that Akon is suggesting that when a girl goes back to his place to kick it like TaeBo (TaeBo?? Way to make current cultural references), he will possibly bend you over.  Or maybe not. Maybe you’ll possibly hang out on the couch and watch a chick flick with Akon. You never know what will happen when he shows up in his whatever fancy car was popular in 2006.

Moving on, I’m surprised Ally didn’t mention that the cover of Fashion says you can win a $5000 Nicole Richie Wardrobe. Maybe she isn’t telling you because she doesn’t want you to enter the contest. She can be selfish like that.

This month’s Fashion did bring me one of this week’s favourites, and that’s this crochet dress by Chanel:


Okay, so, I know I had a hissy fit at Karl last week, but I am going to forgive him because I love this outfit so much. Honestly though, I did not love it when I first looked at the Spring RTW collection. I saw that photo and thought, meh, crochet whimsy. Actually, I think it was lost on me because I was so distraught over the return of the clog.  But when I saw this same dress in Fashion I was like, “Holy Cuteness!”.  So golf claps to Fashion for making that dress and cardigan look seventeen times more appealing than Karl himself did.  Not that I’d wear the outfit (you don’t want to see me wearing that much crochet), but I might tear the page out of my magazine and pin it to my office wall so that i have some pretty to look at.   The shoes however. Dear God the shoes.

Sweet merciful…I am currently coveting those bitches. And dollars to donuts, our first Official Intern Eden is coveting them as well.

And now for the thing of the week that drove me insane (and it’s not the Akon video):


I have a lot of patience for the whims of Marc Jacobs, perhaps too much patience, but what the eff?? I draw the line at what is pretty much a $2k garbage bag. Those bags are what I like to call, and pardon my swears, “Not Fucking Acceptable.” This might be what makes me break up with Marc Jacobs.  I need to go to my happy place and forget that I ever saw those bags. Here’s the happy place (half-assedly cobbled together in a cheap Paint knock off – because I don’t have the patience to try and load Photoshop):

I feel much better now, thanks.

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