Favourite Friday: February 17 Edition

Ally: After what seemed like a year of minus-horrifying-degrees temperatures in the HRM, we had a brief window of what spring could possibly look like. I actually was able to go out for walks without feeling like my toes were going to fall off. I’d really missed walking to this beat:

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I’m kidding! No, I’m not.

A few other things put a smile on my face this week. Let’s start with Adele.

Adele is Better than you, yes, YOU:

Adele cleaning up at the Grammy’s was…refreshing. To see someone who can simply stand at a mic and blow the rest of the competition (Nicki Minaj) away with the amazing-ness that is her voice…Wow. What’s better, is that she is going to arrive in my mailbox any day now in the form of the March issue of Vogue!

Favourite Friday: February 17 Edition


Dang, girl. She gives that Kate Upton lady a run for her money on that front cover right there.

 The Marriage Plot

Favourite Friday: February 17 Edition


I finally got around to finishing the book that El Jeffe got for me for Christmas. While not as great as Middlesex, it was still an incredible read. I don’t know how Eugenides does it, but he flips from one character’s perspective to the other throughout the novel, and you can’t help but relate to each one. I kept wanting to throw cold water on Madeline’s face throughout the book to wake her lust-filled head up, but alas you can’t fight young love.

 Oh, what’s this now? Kristin Cavallari in denim shorts with black tights?

Favourite Friday: February 17 Edition

Is she pregnant? I feel I recall hearing that she was pregnant…If so, great maternity look!


I love this look with the Siwy denim cut-offs. Well played, Kiki!

And now we need to turn our attention to the Crappy Pop Video of the Week:

YouTube Preview Image

I have no idea why, but it’s that kind of day today. Have a great weekend!


L-A: Okay, so I’m totally sick and feeling crappy and need to go sleep this sucker off because I have a road trip this weekend (in which my husband and my car move to Ontario without me for the year), so I’m going to keep this lame and short. And possibly full of run-on sentences. But these are the things that happen when you take sudafed or some such over the counter snot stopper.

1. Holy crap we need a book club because I full on agree.

Marriage plot = yes. Virgin Suicides is still my favourite by Eugenides and I’m only one third into the book, but his writing is off the hook. I’m constantly yelling things at my book like, “stop getting me so damn well!” or “no! that’s how I feel and I am a unique snowflake!”

2. If we were going to start a book club, I’d make us read this.

Because it totally made me ugly cry and books never make me cry.

Favourite Friday: February 17 Edition

I don’t care if John Green writes books for teenagers and I’m fifteen years out of my teens. That shit is good y’all. And not in the dystopian teens or vampire teens that most grown ups dig. No. It’s a love story about cancer kids. Husband got me a signed copy for my birthday and I couldn’t put it down. I’d lend it to you, but it’s signed. So you should go buy a copy and have your own ugly cry (i.e. don’t read it on the bus if you live in a city that isn’t cramping your style with a transit strike).

3. Adele needs a new sylist

Yeah, I like her and she is better than all of us. But the Grammy red carpet number? Lacklustre.


Thankfully she got it together by the end of the show and killed us all with her performance and her style (I like polka dots).

Favourite Friday: February 17 Edition

I dig that her gimmick is her voice, not her costume.

I turned it off after Adele (and actually did double duty of watching 13 Going on 30. Because damn, that movie is adorbs).

Ally: I’m not sure if L-A had anything else to add, or if she fell asleep on her boxed wine keyboard. She always leaves us wanting more!

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