Favourite Friday: January 6 Edition

Ally: Happy 2012, everyone! This will be our first official Favourite Friday Post for the new year. I didn’t get around to posting my resolutions for 2012, mostly because I haven’t really given it much thought. If it’s not too late, I shall share some of my wisdom with you next week. Until then, I’ll provide my Favourites for this week.

1. Spending time with Favourite People:

Most of you who read our blog are also familiar (read obsessed) with our friend, Ben. It’s full truth that when I need a pick-me-up I head to his blog and always leave with wet pants from peeing in them or with tears rolling down my face in hysterics. Both are best done in a home office environment. I was able to be in the same room with Ben due to a work related activity. It was very fun and consisted of us talking about how equally amazing we are. Glitter ponies my ass, if I ever get engaged (totes kidding I’m totes married!) like a Kardashian I want a Glitter Ben in the room to sweeten the deal.

2. Receiving Courier Packages with Sienna Miller-esq Swag

Speaking of the Kardashians, which frankly we’ve been doing far too much of, nothing makes me feel more like a cheap starlet than receiving swag via courier. This is a good thing. If I could be anything in the world it would be a cheap starlet or President of the United States…or like, BOTH AT THE SAME TIME. The past two weeks L-A and I have received boxes of fantastic treats from Beachmint. Beachmint is described as a “next generation social commerce company” and consists of four different “mint” divisions: Jewelmint (jewels designed in part by Kate Bosworth), Stylemint (t-shirts designed by The Olsens), Shoemint (Shoes designed in part by Rachel Bilson) and Beautymint (products created in part by Jessica Simpson).

You guys know me, right? So you know that the above names I have referenced are style icons (except Jessica Simpson…I’m so sorry, I can’t lie) that I love to emulate. Especially Kate Bosworth:

Favourite Friday: January 6 Edition

I don’t know where I’d wear this outfit, but in my imagination in imagined scenarios involving imagined concerts, I’d totally wear this.


So far, we have received a pair of shoes, a piece of jewellery and a t-shirt. They are all at my house in the ‘burbs. L-A is anxiously awaiting the delivery. Sadly, the snow storm in the ‘fax today meant I did not travel into “town” to delivery the goods. We shall have a post next week with photos of us in our new apparel. [L-A: this means there’s going to be a Shoe Porn Monday again soon!]

The reason we are being gifted is not just because Beachmint thinks we’re incredibly gifted bloggers, but because they have just launched their site in Canada. As we inform the masses, it is our duty to test these products and share with you the results.

3. New Ways to Keep the Blog Fresh and Clean

The work week is not a work week without my daily email exchanges with L-A. They go something like this:


Ally: I was supposed to do my resolutions today and I totally failed. Ended up working late last night. Ben is here with me  for a project and we’re pissing ourselves laughing over your “Fancy” post. It’s epic, really.

 L-A: Don’t worry about it! Just think of a crappy pop video for tomorrow!

I really do love that damn Fancy post. I thought it was going to be a total phone in when I wrote it.


p.s. seriously though, as a present, I’ll come help you out with work for freebies on a Saturday and you’ll have more time for blog stuff because you’ll just be able to say, “bitch, write this for me.”

Ally: Yes! That day would sort of be like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2ytZQFSXWU

And, once again, brilliance was birthed. We both determined that this video treat needed to be incorporate into our blog on a regular basis, sort of like the golf clap video. Like any professional communicators, we questioned the how, and the why. Allow me to use this video in a sentence.

“I’m concerned about Olivia Wilde’s recent appearances at red carpet events. I fear she is starting to look haggard. Perhaps it is exhaustion induced from all the faux A-list relationships her publicist continues to brew for her. Exhibit A:

Favourite Friday: January 6 Edition

When in doubt of your polka dot sheer shirt, place red lipstick all over your face.


What advice shall we give the Wilde? Eminem? Care to help out?

That’s right, bitch (we say with love), pick that plastic shizz up. Get back on your game. We care.”

You see? Used appropriately, “Bitch, pick that up” is like your grandma telling you not to kiss boys at the grade nine dance. Or something. I’m tired.

4. Fefe Dobson’s leather pants in the below video:

The whole outfit actually. Also the hair. And her posterior.

Crappy Pop Video of the Week Time. It’s another hit for Willow. You heard it here…probably really late:


L-A: Ugh. I’m so glad Ally brought it for the first half of this post because I have the kind of headache that makes you hate life and everything about it. The painkillers can’t act fast enough. I think the problem is I’m going into snack withdrawal. My body just expects to be fed chocolate or salted something (either potato or chocolate. Or a mix of both) every hour on the hour.

Anyway, here are the favourites this week.

1. This necklace.

Favourite Friday: January 6 Edition

I saw it on instagram today and immediately knew that I’d want/need it bad. It almost makes me wish I hadn’t sent links to pairs of shoes as birthday reminders. Because I could have sent this instead. Mind you, I still want the shoes more. But if anyone else wants to buy this for me, I won’t stop you.

2. Netflix just brought it.

Favourite Friday: January 6 Edition

 Oh yes. Netflix just at least 17 times more awesome with the addition of this one. I’ve already watched it once and I’m pretty sure I’ll watch it again this weekend. It’s also getting better by adding things like Twin Peaks, but this is really where it’s at. And that five star rating I gave it? That just messes with what genres Netflix thinks I like. It doesn’t know whether to recommend “High School Movies” (me) “Crime Dramas” (me) or “Cerebral Independent Canadian Cinema with a Strong Female Lead” (The Husband).

3. Making mixed tapes.

Well, sort of. But without the nostalgia that comes with the plastic tape. But I do love making a good mix. And if Canada had access to Spotify, I would totally share this with you:

Favourite Friday: January 6 Edition

I made it for my bro-in-law, but I’ve been listening to it on repeat ever since I got back to town. I’ll send a copy along to Toddler G, as I’ve taken it upon myself to turn that child into a hipster. Or at least balance out his love for his mother’s music.

4. Making it work.

So, this isn’t exactly a favourite, but it is on my mind a lot. I got this for Christmas and I’m trying to make it work for me:

Favourite Friday: January 6 Edition

Is it completely ridiculous for a thirtysomething woman to be sporting a chunky chain with a Miss Marc pendant? I can’t decide. I am a little bit fond of the idea that I sort of sound like I’m Mr.T when I wear it, thanks to the chunky chain. If I started saying, “I pity the fool”, would that make it work?

5. Childish Gambino

When was someone going to tell me Troy from Community (aka Donald Glover) was a bona fide rap-type fellow?

For reals you guys, you need to tell me this stuff. Lately, if it’s not on the morning show of the CBC or on the soundtrack to a TV show on ABCFamily (often for YKYLF, but I feel no guilt in my love for these shows), I am missing it. (I need help).

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/FashionablePeople/~3/nzE-SV3ycPU/

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