Favourite Friday: June 16 Edition

Ally: Here’s the thing, I have nothing to say. I’ve been home all week with my sweet little toddler who has been handed the worst stomach flu. This meant a full-day at the local children’s hospital (staff are wonderful!) and late nights catching up on work while I tend to him during the day. So, my apologies for not having anything inspiring to say on this “favourite” Friday.

P.S. Blake Lively looks stupid:


Fine. I like her hair.

P.P.S. Do I have any credibility after not posting this week to throw to the Crappy Video of the Week? It’s not like L-A will be able to find something this tasteless and classypants.

Some loser from The Voice sang Stop and Stare, one of One Republic’s jams last week. I turned to El Jeffe and said, “Dude, he’s killing that song from my favourite band”. E.J. stood up, walked away, and turned back in disgust stating, “If I had known….If I had any idea…that ONE REPUBLIC would be your favourite band…” last thing I heard as he walked up the stairs was something about “at least you’re an alright mother…mumble…mumble”.


L-A: I knew there was a reason I liked El Jeffe! I thought it was because he’s an excellent fellow or we share the same alma mater. But that might be it. Unlike El Jeffe, there is no mumblemumble. I just flat out (a) Don’t know the band, (b) couldn’t sit through the entire song, and (c) have yet to watch an episode of the Voice.

Not that I’m judging Ally’s choice in TV shows. I mean, my committment to anything put out by the CW or ABC Family is totally questionable. I mean, I’m actually watching something called The Nine Lives of Chloe King AS I TYPE. She turns into a cat, y’all. What’s not to love about a TV premise lie that?

Favourite things of the week? Drinking with Ben and Jill and Ellie. I committed to five nights out with Yelp and by golly I’m doing it.  We’ll be at Stayner’s tonight if you want to cap off the week with us. Or you can join Ally and I tomorrow night. Why? More AFW!

That’s the other favourite thing. Ben, Jill and I attempted scotch (with mixed results) and then hit up the show. We were all really impressed with the designs the emerging designers sent down the runway.  Here’s my favourites from each of the designers on Wednesday night. (I’m getting better with the camera at this sort of event, but don’t expect anything professional like).

Atlantic Fashion Week

All MY Fashions – Amy Negus

I loved the linen in Amy Negus used in her designs. The tan and beige dress looked like it’d be awesome to wear if you lived in a place that has summer. Which would be anywhere but here.

Atlantic Fashion Week

Margaret Goodhew

Margaret’s Polished Pattern collection is totally perfect for a Christmas party.


Atlantic Fashion Week

Sarah Sowerby

Sarah studied design and marketing at AIU in London. Her pieces were kind of crazy – but in the awesome way that more conceptual pieces are.  This collection was her graduate collection and the three of totally dug it.

Atlantic Fashion Week

Stephanie Rybczyn

Okay guys, Stephanie is totally in grade 12 at Sackville High. I know. She is kicking the ass of my keener high school self.   A lot of her designs seemed to involve deconstructed t-shirts and they were really fun. I’m looking forward to seeing where she goes with this.

Atlantic Fashion Week

LycheeLime – Brittany Naugler

 This was a hard one to pick a favourite from. I probably could have given you three favourites from Brittany Naugler’s line. This line was super pretty, super lady like. And one of the dresses involved a boat neck. Love. It.

Atlantic Fashion Week

Lena Kroeker

Camera and I were not getting along during Lena Kroeker’s line. Which is too bad. Because some of her outfits were awesome summertime, I’m on a boat type outfits. Or, what I assume would be good on a boat. Her mix of new and vintage fabrics came together for some fun tops and skirts.  (p.s. You like? You can buy her designs at Put Me On on Queen Street in our city’s mini-vintage fashion district. I just made that part about the district up).

Atlantic Fashion Week

Adrien Labrecque (Spree)

Honestly, this may have been my favourite dress of the night. I like other designers and other work by Adrien Labrecque, but this one? This one killed me. If I wore strapless dresses, I’d be all over this sucker.

Atlantic Fashion Week


The models totally had fun with this line. I had trouble getting pictures because they were dancing and just really loving the clothes. Not really hard to see why – Vanessa Furlong isn’t just a designer, she’s a hip hop artist and a member of the band Three Sheet. She’s got an eye for what would make an awesome going out and getting down dress. Young Ally would totally have done an ass drop on the dance floor in these dresses.

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Clutch Culture

Designer Mo Handahu is clearly not afraid of colour or bold patterns – and that’s a good thing. From the amazeballs red jacket she wore to the show to her bright, fun bags, she was all over the colour. I loved some of the prints she used. And her clutches look super roomy, which is great for someone like me – I can’t leave the house without at least three pounds of stuff in my bag. I’m also excited to see another handbag designer in town.

1 1

Drunk Gurl (John Michael Brewer)

There was literally glitter on the runway for the final designer of the night – a model blew glitter dust into the audience. Not really a surprise. John Michael loves him some glitter. Once again, he sent out some fun, sparkly party dresses. Yes, this one has sheer bits, but I think you could actually work with it so it wouldn’t be showing off all your goods when you’re out. As I said on the Twitter on Thursday, his dresses would be the perfect dresses for partying on a Vegas vacation. He also branched out into some t-shirts for men.

And that is my favourites of the week.  Sorry I didn’t give more detail on every designer, but, well, it’s been the sort of week where you live off of cocktails and appetizers and just enough sleep. See you at Saturday’s show? It looks like it’ll be another awesome one. I’m excited to see the new Vice and Versa line.


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