Favourite Friday – March 26 Edition

AllyG: Do you know what is not fashionable? Tights wrapped around your face. This is what I am sporting this Thursday evening as I write the Fave Friday post. You see, fabulous readers, my face feels like it is falling off due to something called Temporomandibular Disorder, i.e. a serious effing problem in the jaw area. What I thought was an ear infection, a stabbing and burning sensation in my left ear, was actually the old jaw acting up. Due to my deep devotion to my son, I had to turn down painkillers that were offered as I am still nursing. I remind him of this hourly as he goes through his teething pain saying such things as, “you think that hurts, BabyG? MOMMY’S FACE IS FALLING OFF.” Anyways, tights wrapped around my face seems to help ease the pain.

The good news is, we have decided on a new date for our 1st birthday party. L-A had to bail on the original April 8th date as she had a library party to go to. I’ll let her explain. So!

Date: April 15th

Time: 5pm – whenever L-A finishes her boxes of wine (I am going to be klassy and drink martinis).

Location: We’re thinking Tribeca…you feeling it? Let us know.

L-A: I am excited for birthday party. And we promise this is the final date. This is going to happen.

This week seems like an overall sucky week for both of us. Ally’s jaw is falling off and I’ve got a sore throat and cough AND a stye. What the hell? And on top of that, we lose out on the comedy gold that would have been Lindsay Lohan designing for Ed Hardy.

I’m going to try real hard not to phone this one in, but it’s going to be hard. Right now my favourite things in the world are Ricola and ice cream (not together…that would be gross).

Actually, I do have a fashionable favourite of the week, found via Refinery29:

Cast of Vices charm bracelet = awesomesauce. I like that it’s pretty and girly at first glance, and at second it’s like, “wait, is that Percocet on your bracelet?“.  I think I have a soft spot for it because I bought a silver Paxil pendant years ago at Lilith Fair in Calgary and it’s half-assedly attached it to the charm bracelet that was my mom’s when she was a teenager. I like that they did a better job of this silver pills on a bracelet idea than I did. I’m also a fan of their house fly pendants:

It’s ugly pretty and I like it.

What would be on my list of Friday favourites, if I had my own girl band a few thousand dollars, is bidding on a chance to get Mark Ronson to produce our song.  Sure, I’d tell everyone I was doing it for a good cause, but really, I’d be doing it in hopes of a chance to meet my pretend boyfriend.  Sadly, money really isn’t my biggest barrier (I can rob a bank if I need to).  The real problem is my complete lack of musical ability. There’s a chance that I’m tone deaf and I am probably the worst clarinet player in the history of all clarinet players.

And now, while I go feel sick and miserable and call my mom for sympathy, I will share with you a crappy pop video. I asked for a crappy video to cheer Ally up and reader/shoe porner Allene stepped up with some truly heinous pop music:

It’s awful, but it’s for a good cause: it cheered Ally and her aching jaw up.

AllyG: It’s true. It cheered me up immensely.

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