Favourite Friday: May 28 – Closer to being Sienna

Ally: For those who are unable to read our scathing SATC2 review because they don’t want to risk “spoiling” the film (Michael Patrick King does that for you, but whatevs), I have decided to give you TWO Friday posts! Mostly because I have an actual, for real favourite piece of news this week coming from H&M.

Let me set this up for you a bit. You know how I love Sienna, yes?

Source (Sienna seen here with Matthew Williamson. Note that she copied my hairstyle. I certainly did)

And how I love Nicole, yes?


And how I love music festival stylings, yes?

Source and Source


H&M is launching a Festival collection as part of their Fashion against AIDS campaign. Now, I am not sure if this is heading to Canada, but I pray and hope and pray it does come to our own Dartmouth venue. I will contact the powers that be at the company and let you know if I hear back. I love, you love?

Photo courtesy of fashion coup dot com

Crappy Pop Video of the week:

I have such a girl crush on Katy Perry. She’s ridiculously hot.

L-A: Festival collection? Really? It’s called ratty jean shorts, an old dress that only looks good on skinny girls, giant sunglasses, and a fedora. Forget H&M, I bet you can find every single one of those things at Frenchy’s.

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