Favourite Friday: November 8 Edition

Ally: Oh, Friday. You’re beautiful. Even if you’re freezing out. Have you people taken out your winter coats yet?

Favourite of the Week

My favourite for this week is a label called Stone_Cold_Fox. I’m drawing a blank on whether I’m featured this line here before, but it’s worth a second shout out for sure.The label was created by two childhood friends, Cydney and Dallas (whose hair I want to cut off an make into a wig to wear on my head…big ups to the beach waves).


Essentially, if I ever make it to Coachella with L-a (maybe when I’m 55?), I will shop exclusively from their SS 2014 La Bandita collection. The company just released a marketing campaign using model of the moment Emily Ratajkowski (who we’ve talked about on here before).


I am so in love with the above jumper. I would probably pair with a cute bandeau bra (American Apparel seems to always have these in stock).

bandeau braSource

It’s worth the few minutes to browse the entire lookbook on their site. On an aside, if I ever renew my vows with El Jeffe, I’ll be getting a dress from their wedding line.


You can learn more about the development of La Bandita in this behind the scenes short.

Click here to view the embedded video.

The designers are basically all kinds of adorable. I’m going to reach out to them to learn whether we can order from Canada. Mostly I’m doing this selfishly for myself, but I’ll share with our dear readers as well.

Pop Music Video of the Week

It hurt me to call out Fefe Dobson yesterday in a rare PSA. The video seemed out of character for Fefe, an artist that I’ve been a fan of since she first came out the gates. While I’m still really disappointed in the decision for the Legacy video, I do love her work. This is why I’m sharing what I believe to be one of her best songs (and videos):

Click here to view the embedded video.

I do love you, Fefe. I mean, we don’t even waste our time on Avril Lavigne!


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