Pretend Boyfriend Birthday: Leo Dicaprio Edition

Ally: Leo D turned 39 over the weekend, and since I have nothing else to write about for the Monday post due to a stomach flu bombing our house on Saturday, Leo D’s birthday will have to suffice.

Many years ago, a few friends and I determined that the movie The Departed was porn for women. The kind of movie your husband catches you watching on a Saturday evening in your bedroom and you rush to turn it off. Or maybe that’s just me.


So in honour of Leo’s birthday, I bring you a clip from The Departed.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Leo’s made many questionable decisions over the years, but movies haven’t been one of them. Speaking of questionable decisions, this is likely the worst:


You have no idea how much I love Whoopi right about now.


They will make passes when you wear these glasses

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