Favourite Friday: the April 25th edition

L-A: So last week I thought it might be the 25th. Apparently not. Partly because the 25th is a Thursday. Moving on.

1. My saddle shoes are seeing the light of day again!


Sure I can wear them indoors at the office, but it’s so much nicer to wear them outside on the streets and not live in fear of salt killing them.

I still have a bit more of the rainy season to go, but we’ll get there.

2. Lainey Gossip at FRED

As always, it’s a delight to have an evening of smart lady gossip talk. So big ups to the folks at VitaminWater and FRED for the event. I may have embarrassed myself around the cupcakes. (There’s an unflattering photo of me on Facebook. I blame the torrential downpours for the flatness of my hair that day).

3. Tastes of summer

Not berries or fresh fruit or any of that. No, my first taste of summer for the year are these guys:


The best. It’s not long now until they’re garnish in one of my favourite summertime drinks (lemonade + gin + mint).

4. I’m still listening to the Smiths

It’ll end eventually. Possibly when I get more sunny days. Until then.

Click here to view the embedded video.

I thought you might hate my Smiths phase less if I included some Joseph Gordon Levitt. In hindsight, that fan video made me hate my Smiths phase more. (But not enough to stop listening to them).

5. I will watch the weirdest things when left alone with wine and Netflix

Like this.

Click here to view the embedded video.

If I were a film reviewer, which I’m not (in spite of my in depth thoughts on Magic Mike), I’d say it was a Netflix find with potential. Potential dashed by clichés, too many characters and unnecessary subplots. FPQT Figure Skater Judge Score is 2.5/5. I should try watching better movies though. But I think anything that engages my brain will have to wait until after the following….

6. Halifax Crafters (Shamelessly Self Promoted) 


It’s a well known fact that I can’t craft or prepare crafts while watching anything of substance. It is 95% the reason I own She’s the Man. (Okay, fine, 75%. I totally enjoy She’s the Man, but I bought it for late night crafting so it’s weighted heavily towards Crafters as being the reason I own it).

Anyways, stop by and say hey if you’re in town. You can see what it looks like when someone embroiders quotes from The Wire and googles things like “what kind of gun does Omar use?”  Correct answer: many. (I decided to go with the .45 ACP semi-automatic. This decision was based solely on the fact that I thought a shotgun would be too hard to learn to draw).

Ally: Yessssssssssss, L-A started a post. Such happiness. Remember on Monday I was all, “Hey, guys! I’ll have a post for you mid-week!” Totally lied to your face. Sorry about that. Both L-A and I have some Random Style Icon posts coming your way in the next couple of weeks. This much is true.

I don’t so much have favourites this week as I have “What the F**ks?”. Is this ok? I’m an artist, I need to follow my creative juices.

WTF See-Through Clothing?

I expect this from Z-List reality stars, but Paltrow? Unacceptable.



We understand and accept that you have the posterior of a night-time lady dancer. We’re good with that. Jealous even. I may be writing this while wearing Zellers yoga pants and a white maternity t-shirt with ketchup on it, but that does not make me any less of an expert on what is Klassy or not.

WTF is going on with your cut-off shorts?

I don’t even know.



It’s not the shredding at the bottom. I’m down with that. It’s the weird…cut. Granted, I’m not a supermodel like Alessandra Ambrosia who would probably wear a diaper and everyone would be all jumpy claps.


To be clear, this is more a concern about Miley’s shoes than her shorts. The combination is frightening.

It’s fair to say that if I had been commenting on these shorts a year ago I may have actually endorsed them. However, I’m a cranky bitch on no sleep so today I hate.


Unexplainable Music Video of the Week

I truly can’t explain this choice, other than I’m sitting here bawling at my desk wishing I could wear lucite heels and crappy cut-off jean shorts. Yay, hormones!

Click here to view the embedded video.

P.S. I really wish I could see L-A’s face as she reads through my half of this post. This might have been a good day to just hit “publish” on her Fave Friday items. Too late!

Weekend Wrap-up: April 27-28, 2013

Warning: Attempted Break-Ins Last Night. #Sackville