Favourite Friday – the May 20th edition: oh hey, it’s still raining

L-A: So, it’s been the kind of week where everyone gets totally stoked because it’s less dreary.

more rain. awesome.

Today it was almost sunny and Halifax broke out the shorts and flip flops. I admit, I was pretty stoked to wear my sunglasses, but the shorts/flip flops? Really Halifax?

Anyway, on to the favourites! Like apparently there’s going to be sun sometime on the long weekend. Which if that’s actually the case, would be awesome.

Or, like Rachel McAdams, who seems to have a monopoly on looking cute as a button.


Apparently she’s in love and happy and hanging out with Woody Allen at Cannes. Not in love with Woody Allen. Or Ryan Gosling. Which is really too bad, but we’ll discuss that next week. Good for her though, being all adorable in a dress she can’t walk in. (No, seriously, she has to carry the train. That’s a dress for standing only).

A little less favourite, is her pants at Cannes.

My only problem is that she’s encouraging the trend of high waisted pants. And while they’re cute on someone who is as cute as a button, I would really like to avoid a situation where retailers everywhere try to tell me and my belly that all they’ve got is high waisted pants. So Rachel McAdams, I implore you to be a role model: wear pants that are more flattering on the majority of women, even if you have the teeny tiny waist that allows you to wear high waisted pants. You can wear them in the privacy of your own home. Like, when you’re on the couch eating ice cream out of the tub, drinking wine and watching The Notebook. Or whatever it is you watch, Rachel McAdams.

On the subject of pants, this is little flow chart has been a favourite for a few days now.

If you're not sure, check this.

And finally, instead of pop music, I decided that this video is a favourite:

I’m not sure that she’s actually drunk while cooking, but I do agree with her way of cooking. And brunch. Because I hate cooking, I like drinking and I love pancakes. I think I know how I will celebrate the Bluenose Marathon on Sunday: booze and pancakes.  (what? I’m not a runner. I still can’t do a full 2k).

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Source: http://fashionablethings.com/2011/05/19/favourite-friday-the-may-20th-edition-oh-hey-its-still-raining/

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i planned my wedding by email!

i planned my wedding by email!