Favourite Fridays – September 4 Edition: Sex & The Sequel, Shoes, and Sesame Street

AllyG: I seriously thought the week was going to drag but here we are! It’s Favourite Friday time! Obviously, my favourite thing this week is news that the Sex and the City movie has begun shooting. This means TONS of photos of SJP and co. marching about in fabulous (according to me, not sure what L-A’s thoughts are) outfits. I’m with Lainey though when she airs her concern about the story line. What is left to tell? Hopefully, they will come up with something fresh. Let’s be serious, we’ll all go watch for the fashion alone. Eee! We need to start planning a SATC movie party! For reals!

Carrie gets a lot of attention, so let’s take a look at what the other ladies have been sporting starting with Samantha!


Huh. Ok. Well. Not blown away, but perhaps this is a more demure moment in the film for Sam. Perhaps she is going to a funeral? You’ll note that is Pat Fieldwalking beside her. I’ll allow L-A to provide commentary on her outfit because it thrills her so (and I love L-A, I can’t deny her a P. Field snark). At first I was all, “WTF does Samantha have on her feet?!!” I then saw that these were “between scene” shoes.


Yuck, “WTF does Samantha have on her feet?!!” P. Field can do better than that, surely (Shut up, L-A!). I mean, I’m all for the colour (colbalt blue is tres F/w 09), but can we can a bit more drama up in here?


Miranda is looking very…Mirandaish. I personally hate pairing longish shirts with shorter jackets. It looks thrown together. Love the pants. Love the hair.

I haven’t been able to find any Charlotte shots, but I’ll keep looking (especially for you, Eden!).

Now, did you not adore Carrie’s outfits??!!! (I realize I just opened every window/door around for L-A with that question)


This was my personal fave. The colour is stunning on SJP and girl knows how to play up her gams. Clearly, she does not indulge in McCain’s Deep n Delicious (no, I won’t stop talking about it). I found a great shot of the shoes on the Huffington Post


Thanks to Entertainment Weekly dot com, we know that the bag is Christian Louboutin’s “Sylvia” large hobo bag (only available in grey, saks.com; $1,795) Shoes are “Gino” T-strap heels (888-222-7639; $865), topped with Jee Vice’s “Heated” sunglasses (jeevice.com; $170).

J’adore. Where was that effort for Samantha’s outfit?


Outfit numero two was a cute white (appears to be jersey) Halston dress and Chanel bag paired with even more breathtaking Louboutin Pigalle shoes. Yes. I said “breathtaking”. I’m big into shoes. They literally took my breath away. It breaks my heart that my feet couldn’t even think about fitting into these shoes. You know what? Eff it. I’d wear these bitches around my neck as a necklace. It would be fabulous. Patricia Field would be in awe of my brilliance (I love that spell checker just informed me I spelt “Brilliance” incorrectly).


Everything about this outfit makes me so happy.Check out the necklace. In the first photo I wasn’t able to appreciate the design, I am able to give a lot more love to it after seeing a more close up shot. I’m trying to track down the designer. I’ll let you know if I have luck.

Speaking of Louboutin Pigalle shoes, I found a weird foot fetish video that I need to share with you. Only because you all need to be just as disturbed by the comments on the YouTube site as I am.

Apparently Carrie does a flashback to the 80’s at some point in the movie. At least I am hoping it’s a flashback. Otherwise, I will step aside and let L-A pound away with snark cause Carrie B would deserve it for walking around present day in this atrocity.


Wowzas that’s bad. Says the fat lady wearing her retro adidas track pants for the sixth day in a row.

I’m also enjoying reading the September Issue liveblog as much as I am enjoying reading the September issue itself (I’m still working my way through it!).

Sept issue

Glossed Over dot Com is a really cute blog. You should check it out! My fave:

10:24 a.m. And already we have a contender for the most egregious story about how rough life is for the rich:

As her father made—and lost—millions in the market, Galt Niederhoffer learned the true measure of success.

And I’m sure it’ll be a very valuable lesson for the rest of us.


Now for the Head Tilt of the Week. I bring you Victoria Beckham’s Fall 09 RTW Ad campaign:

L-A: I’m not going to launch into a full snark on Carrie Bradshaw today, as I have promised guest blogger Jo that we will go tête à tête for a Battle Royale on the subject. Coming soon to a blog near you: “Carrie Bradshaw: Fashionista or Bag Lady?” But I do have to address the subject of what is rumoured to be an 80s flashback:


God help us all. I actually hope this is just awful Patricia Field styling and not an actual flashback. Because that does not look like a young Sarah Jessica Parker. That looks like a woman well into her 40s, tarted up to look like a nightmare (nothing wrong with being well into your 40s. In fact, I think SJP is usually a lovely looking woman, despite the insane Carrie outfits). But this is bad news bears. Or maybe bad SJP drag. Actually, you know what it looks like? It looks like Judith Light circa Who’s the Boss:


ANGELAAAAA! Makeup in the 1980s was not kind to anyone. She looks older there than she does on Ugly Betty. But I digress.

I’m just going to remind you what SJP looked like in the 80s:


Right. So you can see why giving her a faux perm and a flashdance sweater does not equal a younger SJP. If that is a flashback, then I quit. Because seriously, there has got to be an actress out there in her early 20s to play the young Carrie. Just so we’re clear on this, we’re going to recap:

sarah-jessica-parker-0085 carrie-bradshaw-flashback_335x460

Now that we’re all on the same page, I’m going to admit that I’m not actually looking forward to the sequel. But only because I’m 100% with Lainey on this. What the hell else is there? Do we keep getting sequels until they retire to Florida and have the same old drink out on the lanai? Please. Spare me.

As I move on to my favourite this week, I will add that this potential flashback reminds me of the the hideous Leighton Meester article in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar:

leighton-meester-gossip-girl-0909-01-de leighton-meester-gossip-girl-0909-04-de

Oh sweet merciful! What the eff is that? It is an article on looking good at any age. Instead of getting someone who is actually in their 60s or older – and actually looks good at that age – they digitally age a girl in her early 20s. Between this and SJP, I am led to conclude: you can’t make a young girl look old, and you can’t make an old girl look young. Accept that and everyone looks better. Because otherwise you’re left with both Leighton and SJP getting embarrassment cringes every time they see these photos. If they aren’t, well, I’m getting enough embarrassment cringes for all of us.

My absolute favouritest thing this week was finding the fashion shoot in Harper’s Bazaar that had designers visiting Sesame Street. That’s right!

Sesame Street! (Ally is the Queen of YouTube, but I think I get bonus points for finding the opening that readers who are 30+, maybe late 20s, will remember). Anyway, check out the awesomeness:


Hanging on the steps with Ernie & Bert is Derek Lam and Michelle Obama’s BFF Thakoon Panichgul. With Cookie Monster is Kate and Laura Mulleavy: R is for Rodarte (although, I do not love those boots).  I’m jealous that they get to hang out with Cookie Monster. And not just because of the cookies (which are now a Sometimes Food), but because he’s kind of hilarious. Ever since I saw him on Martha Stewart. Trust me. At about 7:00 of this video it gets good (at 7:45, he uses the word oxymoron):

“Martha, it your show, you can call it Shirley.” I died when I saw that. And you can bet your bottom dollars that Cookie was far better behaved after one of the commercial breaks. I’m pretty sure Martha threw a hissy fit.

Again, I digress.

Best designer/muppet pairing?


Oscar de la Renta + Oscar the Grouch = more awesome than you can shake a stick at. Does that man know how to design a gown or what? I think that dress is, for me, what Lainey calls “dress porn”. Love it. Would maim for it. And the look on Oscar the Grouch’s face says that he agrees.

Anyway, that shoot made me absolutely giddy. It made my week. I even had to bring the magazine with me when I met Ally for nutella muffins at The Coastal Cafe. (p.s. she looked lovely and there was no sign of the mythical adidas pants). I may even buy a second copy so that I can frame the pictures as a gift for BabyG. You know, so kiddo can learn his/her designers early. (I’m kidding. Sort of). Actually, I thought the book “Baby Mix Me a Drink” was an appropriate baby gift.


The voicemail from the bookstore saying that “Baby…mix me…a drink?” was in was also one of my favourite things of the week. If I could have recorded it for posterity, I might have done so. The book made me so happy that I forgot my plan to include non-picture drink recipes with it. (note to Ally: remind me to bring my bartending book with me next time we hang out).

Enjoy your Labour Day long weekend pretties. Wear white shoes everyday until Tuesday, when it’s not allowed anymore (kidding). I’m headed to PEI to visit friends and celebrate my 5th anniversary.


I’m told there is a tub of Mooey-Gooey ice cream when I arrive in PEI. This will be a very good weekend.



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