Feb 10

Avery On His Way To Rangers
I found this gem on the CNNSI webstite, taken from the NY Post. The author is not afraid to call out some of the Rangers key players, including notorious softy Wade Redden.

Sean Avery is on his way to Hart ford, where, The Post has learned, he will be assigned today by the Stars for an indeterminate period before going on re-entry waivers that all but assuredly will lead back to Broadway. Not only can’t Avery’s return come soon enough, but a handful of Rangers on the current roster should feel fortunate not to be making the reverse commute to Hartford, themselves. It’s unacceptable how poorly the Rangers‘ alleged best players are performing under the gun. It’s unacceptable how soft the team is as a group. It’s unacceptable how coach Tom Renney continues to award ice time, specifically on the power play, to athletes who have proven incapable of handling the assignment. Scott Gomez has lost his game. Chris Drury can’t find his. Wade Redden hasn’t had one for a couple of years, so you’d need a search party led by bloodhounds to even have the most remote chance of finding a scent, if not a heartbeat. These players specifically, these players who were supposed to blossom and/or lead the team without strong personalities Avery, Jaromir Jagr and Brendan Shanahan to interrupt the feel-good party in the room, they have been monumental disappointments.”

As much as I hate Avery, I like this from a bitter fans’ perspective. If you’re not going to give it everything you have and just go through the motions, then here’s this asshole Sean Avery for you to deal with, enjoy!
How many players in the dressing room are happy to see that guy coming back?

Gallimore Resigns at X
Several weeks after striking a minor official in the late stages of a game vs Cape Breton, Garry Gallimore resigned this week as Assistant Coach of Men ‘s basketball at St. FX.
Resigning an assistant coach position from a canadian university basketball team is hardly a big deal. Unless Gallimore had his sights set on being a head coach someday. If that was the case, those dreams are certainly over.
Gallimore struck a timekeeper at CBU when the X-Men were angry that they did not get a late timout they had asked for. As Coach Steve Konchalski walked over to the score table to figure out why, Gallimore followed and appeared to punch the minor official (video is on Youtube).
Most minor officials are students or local basketball enthusiasts. If you’ve ever seen Gallimore, you know he’s a big dude.
Gallimore hitting this minor official was absolutely unacceptable. Although I’m not surprised. Over the years I’ve seen alot of coaches be verbally abusive to minor officials, so it was only a matter of time before some hot headed coach took the abuse to the next level. Coaches need to learn that minor officials are just like the themselves, players, and referees…they make mistakes.

Florida/Tennessee Rivalry Heats Up
I can’t wait for Florida vs Tennessee this fall. This game has been one of the best rivalries in college football for years, but the annual match up received a big boost this past week when Lane Kiffen, the banished former Oakland Raider’s coach who has been in Knoxville for barely a month, called 2 time national champion Urban Meyer a cheat.
Kiffen was showing a recruit round the campus of Tennessee when the kid received a call from none other than Meyer, who was also recruiting the player for Florida.
The kid committed to Tennessee, but Kiffen wasn’t satisified. At an alumni luncheon, he said that he was happy the Volunteers managed to get the player despite Urban Meyer’s cheating.
Unfortunately, Meyer calling the recruit while he was visiting Tennessee was not in violation of any NCAA rules.
Furthermore, Meyer does not like to be called names. Considering Tennessee will be rebuilding next season, while the Gators may be the best team in the country, expect Meyer’s Gators to destroy the Vols as payback.

CKDU Sports
I’m happy to write that CKDU Sports, a 2 hour radio show dedicated completely to sports coverage, is up and running on Mondays at 10:00 am, on FM 88.1 or ckdu.ca.
I had my first show yesterday, featuring Chris Trembley of the Mooseheads, Steve Sumarrah of SMU football, and Dyrick Mcdermott of MSVU women’s bball. Any e-mails about what you here on the show, or about anything going on in sport at all, please e-mail to ckdusports@gmail.com, and i’ll read your comments on the air!
MSVU Women’s Bball Loses
I’ve been covering the Mystics Women’s basketball team for a couple of weeks. Last year’s CCAA silver medalists had won 62 straight ACAA regular season games before this weekend, where they were swept in a 2 game set at St.Thomas in Fredericton. I talked to Coach Mcdermott on Monday. He said they had a chance to win the first game from the free throw line but missed 3 straight foul shots. Then the team came out flat on sunday and got blown out by the Tommies.
Seeing the Mystics in the loss column of an ACAA game, let alone two, is a strange sight indeed. Now the Mount is 15-2, while the Tommies are 15-1 and in the drivers seat for first place. With the losses the Mystics will likely finish second, and will have to play a decent Mt.Allison team in the ACAA semi final hosted by the Mounties in Sackville.

Feb 5

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