Figure Skating: Sport or Carnival (or whatever)…Debate!

L-A: Okay, before you release the hounds and chase us out of the country with pitchforks and flaming torches, I know full well that figure skating is a sport.  I like to strap on skates from time to time and I have enough trouble stopping without the help of the boards, so I can’t even imagine leaping into the air or getting tossed by a strapping lad in sequined tights and then actually landing on one foot.

The reason I bring up this debate is when David Pelletier complained about the Ukraine outfits. Let’s take a look see…


Oh-kay. That is a bit on the crazy side. It’s what I imagine would happen if American Apparel outfitted your Olympians. David Pelletier said that they didn’t belong at the Olympics because skating “is a sport, not a carnival.”  To be fair, Pelletier (who is a bit of a dreamboat on ice) was never one for the super bedazzled outfits.


I like that he wore a sweater vest to the Olympics. He looks like he could take off his skates and head to the office for casual Friday. But seriously David? Have you seen what your skating colleagues wear??  Yes, it is a sport, but I argue that it is also a bedazzled carnival of awesomeness.  Let’s take a look:

The Russians:

She had on a tiara and he had no shortage of sequins.


More sequins! She had little bits of chiffony fabric hanging off of her sleeves and red streaks in her hair to match her dress.

They’re all gifted and skilled athletes, but most of them in sequins. Like it’s a carnival! A carnival of sequins and sport!

Anyway, in summation, I present to you  Johnny Weir skating to Gaga.

You see? Sport and Carnival. And the only person who should be horrified by the spectacle that is figure skating costumery is Dick Button.


A suit and tie! While skating outdoors! Or high waisted pants and a knit sweater, while skating outdoors! And he probably had to walk uphill, both ways, to skate at the Olympics. So respect the Button. And maybe Madge and Edgar Syers would be outraged.

But Madge is probably outraged that the ladies are showing their ankles and not wearing hats. Also, I imagine Madge and Edgar are dead by now, so who cares what they think.

AllyG: I’m not inspired by the latest in skating wear so I’ve decided to play stylist to these athletes and provide thoughtful advice on what they should, indeed, be wearing. No need to thank me. No need.

Personally, I adore the S2010 trends. I’m all over the Bring Back the Girly campaign which was prominently featured in Viktor Rolf’s Spring collection.  What’s that you say? The skaters may be unable to “skate” in the above outfit? Well, she did it in…this…


Not sure what’s going on here, but it’s bringing back wicked flashbacks from what I witnessed on the ”dancefloor” at The Palace circa 1999-2001. I would suggest that you could even tape the pretty flowers onto your skates to make them look similar to the above Viktor Rolf shoes. Prettykins!

This is an oldie but goodie from Antonio Berardi’s Spring 2007 collection. Look at the little ribbon in back! You could incorporate this ribbon into some spinning choreography!

I’d just like to take a moment to address the thoughts going through L-A’s head right now as she scrolls through my post.

Yes, I am hijaking this post to showcase dresses that I believe to be adorable on the pretense that I think skaters should wear them at the Olympics.

Are we good? Excellent!

For me, Preen brings the swoon. Especially for their S2010 collection. Everything is so soft, sheer and feminine. Like me! I urge Oksana Domnina to order this dress pronto and scrap the ridiculous number she uses with her partner Maxim Shabalin


It’s not often that I am at a loss for words. This obnoxious effery takes offensive to new levels. It’s like John Mayer’s playboy interview on ice.

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