Finger knitting with kids

Alex learning to finger knit

On Monday my little guy said he wanted to learn how to knit. He has mentioned this a few times before, but, uh, I've always kind of brushed him off before (you actually need to know how to knit yourself before you can show a 5-year-old, right?). But I guess on Monday the stars were aligned or something, because this time when he asked I decided to google finger knitting and see what we could do.

Luckily, we did have wool in the house – wool that my mom had brought over about a year ago when I must have been having a crafty moment (wool that is probably almost as old as me – we aren't exactly a crafty family!). I found this video on how to finger knit and Alex and I sat down and had a go.

Finger knitting

There was a surprising lack of swearing involved (from me – my 5yo does not swear, thank you very much!) and I managed to get the hang of it pretty easily. And yes, I'm pretty proud of myself, and yes, I realize finger knitting is a kids' craft. (You gotta start somewhere, right?) Once I had it figured out we set Alex up with it and within minutes he was finger knitting like a pro! He is now officially obsessed – and so am I. I've lost count of how many bracelets and necklaces we've made. We've finger knitted on the bus. We even made a special trip to The Loop for more wool and are now finger knitting in style, with beautiful organic cotton.

Problem is, I'm running out of ideas for what to finger knit. How many wool bracelets, belts and necklaces does one family really need? Thankfully they make great little gifts, so if you know us in 'real' life, expect to be receiving one soon! One of the first bracelets that Alex made is for his daddy for Father's Day – we've kept the whole finger knitting experiment a secret from him so the surprise will be even better on the day. (Now just my luck he'll actually read this blog!)

finger knit bracelet

If you haven't tried finger knitting before, I really do recommend it – it's easy, it's fun and it's addictive! It's generally recommended for kids 4 and up. I'm not sure what age kids can start knitting with needles, but if Alex's interest in this continues I'll be looking into it – I now have dreams of us curling up on the sofa together knitting through the winter, making all sorts of wonderful woolly creations! Wish us luck!

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