Playdate was a big success!

face painting

Wow, what a day! Thank you so much to everyone who came out to join the fun – I hope you had as much fun as I did! And a BIG THANKS to Andrea from Andrea's Music Studio, Priscilla from Par-T-Perfect and Lionel from Boston Pizza for making it such a great time! Even the weather cooperated and gave us a beautiful day!

From my quick count during the playdate I would say at least 300 people made it out today – woo hoo!! It was so great meeting you all! I hope you all had a chance to meet new people and put some 'faces to usernames'. It was so great seeing so many babies, kids and bumps! 🙂

So, whaddya wanna do next? I'm thinking a bit (lot!) smaller scale for our next get-together (but not for the 2nd Annual Playdate at the Playground next year – bigger and better, baby!). A Point Pleasant stroll? A bubble playdate? What are your ideas? Why not leave a comment below or post in our forums to get the ball rolling!

Here's some videos and photos from the day – they definitely tell the story best!

Having fun at the playdate

having a picnic


Having lots of fun!

Babies playing with balls

Playing with the parachute

Going down the slide


Bike lane beware

Mixology giveaway