Mixology giveaway

I am a twitter-fanatic, as recently it just became a “hobby” for me, same as browing my favorite beauty blogs. It’s just funny how 140-letter messages could carry so much information. And you could just talk to a stranger without having to introduce yourself or getting to know the person first. I am lucky to follow (and to be follow back by) wonderful people, and I got to “know” many new people in the makeup world and moms’ blog world. How great is that?

One day through twitter, I found Dev’s favorite giveaways. A few giveaways on her site opens for Canadians, and this is one that I am excited about: Mixology eyeliner set giveaway.

I have heard about Mixology before from a few bloggers that purchased the products and did reviews on them, so I am comfortable to say that they are great buys, not on the expensive side, and they have won prizes from 2009 Beauty Olympics. Check their etsy store’s front page for more information.

So, join Dev and enter this giveaway by June 22. Maybe you will win some fun products to try out. Have fun!

Thanks for stopping by.

Photo credit: Mixology.

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