Olay Definity Deep Penetrating Foaming Moisturizer

Truth to be told, not very long after I entered the beauty blog world (reading, not writing, of course), I heard enough of Olay and how wonderful different product lines do for different people. So I decided to introduce myself to the Olay family and tried out a few.

This post, however, is to feature one particular Olay: Definity Deep Penetrating Foaming Moisturizer. Back in the day when Save.ca offered the “buy 3 Olay products get $10 off” coupons, I spotted a sale at Walmart for Definity at CAD15 each, so I got one, plus 2 cleansers to save myself CAD10. The moisturizer didn’t have SPF, so I figured I could use it at night. I always have more day time moisturizers than night time, so Definity seems to fit into my night time skincare routine. I had to finish up the current night cream to start a new one, so it wasn’t until 2 weeks ago that I opened the Definity bottle.

As many bloggers already mentioned, Olay’s packaging is quite a waste, as the tube that houses the bottle is bulky and can’t be reused for anything else after you pull the lid off to get the bottle out. And Definity has double packaging, as there is a plastic see-through box outside the tube. You got the picture. But other than this one rant, I love the product.

The package said:
•Unique aerated serum foam helps combat the look of skin discolourations to revitalize the luminosity hidden within.
•The formula, with an Essential Glucosamine Complex, diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
•Lightweight formula glides on effortlessly and absorbs quickly for a smooth, weightless feel – Ideal for under makeup.
•The foaming action feels surprisingly rich and luxurious as it penetrates up to 10 surface layers deep to deeply condition skin at the source of past damage.
•Over 8 weeks, the appearance of discolourations such as dullness, brown spots and uneven skin tone diminish.

Information and photo credit: Olay.ca

My thoughts:
– The texture: Love the foam. It feels a little tingly (a tiny tiny bit) when the bubbles burst as they come in contact with your skin, but it’s a fun feeling, not a discomfort or anything. The consistency is more fluffy than shaving foam, and as a result, it feels a lot lighter on the skin.
– The application: It just take 1 push to have the foam enough for the whole face. It absorbs really quickly and feels refreshing. I was probably stuck with the night cream too long so now I appreciate a quick absorbing moisturizer a lot more.
– The effect: I wake up in the morning feeling my skin moisturized and cool, more alive (less dull and boring), no greasy or heavy feeling. I have a long history of acne on my face and just got rid of them very recently, thanks to the wonderful Accutane. I am still very worried everytime I try something new on the face (certainly don’t want to come back to the acne stage ever again). This product has not broken me out, so that is a plus. I keep touching my face when I do my makeup in the morning, liking what I feel. In short, for what this product has done for me so far, I am loving it. For long term effect of eliminating discoloration or fine lines, I’ll have to report back after a few months.

I was confident enough though to haul 2 more bottles at a really good price. My Superstore has thrown some Definity in the clearance bin for CAD15 each (I believe that was 50% off). I was going to stock up, as Definity is hardly on sale (since the CAD15 deal at Walmart), but thought maybe I should wait until I use up this bottle first. And waiting was so worth it, as Superstore’s flyers this week has $3 coupon for Olay skincare products. It worked out perfectly, CAD12 for a bottle of awesomeness!!! This was part of my last weekend finds, but I wanted to give it a featured post by itself, as it is a good product.

So… Definity might be exactly what I have been looking for in a moisturizer. As common sense says night moisturizers need to be a little heavier, I am not 100% sure this product would work best as a night moisturizer. I plan to do a follow up review after a month or two to confirm my initial thoughts. If I have to switch it to day use, it’d be such a hassle as I have to use it on top of sunscreen. For now, I’m loving it.

Note: For those of you who haven’t heard of Save.ca. It’s a website where you can go and choose the coupons you need and they will print them out (in colours, always a plus) and send to your address free of charge. Depending on what province you live in, the selection might be slightly different. It normally takes more than a week to get the coupons in the mail, so you have to do a bit of planning to be able to match the coupons and the sales offered in stores for each coming week. They are normally good for about a month, more or less, so it’s helpful to have a system (and a coupon organizer) to keep track of what coupons you have and use them at the right time. I’ll discuss more about couponing in another post.

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