HLMN giveaway

Yesterday I just talked about twitter and how I came to know lots of things that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. Today, on the morning bus ride to work, I read this on MetroHalifax: 74% of Canadian internet users are unaware of twitter and only 6% (among those who are aware of it)reported having used it – according to a study from Ipsos Reid. Can you believe it? I feel so century 21st now, lol…

Anyway, I am bringing you a fabulous giveaway at The Hyper Luxe Media Network. You can win nail polish, top coat and spa products from Borghese, valued more than $100. Now I’m aware of this brand but have never bought anything Borghese, as I perceive it as a higher end brand. Their nail polish is sold at Shoppers, if you want to check it out. The spa products, however, are not around in the stores yet (at least around here), I think. Wouldn’t it be awesome to win these? Make sure to read the requirement, and click on the “Enter the giveaway here” link on that post to the form to enter. Let’s cross our fingers! While you are at HLMN, browse around as they have lots of beauty info and more.

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Photo credit: HLMN

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