HRM fire and impacts update 5:45pm May 31

The Halifax Regional Municipality is advising residents of the following updates and impacts to municipal services as a result of the ongoing fires.

Evacuation registry

Only residents and businesses whose properties are located in the area of significant impact on the evacuation map must immediately register with 311 via the online form (or by calling 1.800.835.6428), as staff will follow-up when more information becomes available.

Burn ban

As crews battle multiple fires, there is a zero-tolerance policy in effect for the duration of the outdoor burning ban. Fines will be issued against those who are burning outdoors, which includes penalties up to $25,000 (an increase from $10,000, as announced by the Province of Nova Scotia). Any person responsible for fire spread can also be required to pay all expenses related to controlling or extinguishing the fire, and all related fire damages.

Illegal outdoor burning puts lives, properties, and the environment at risk. It also ties up critical fire department resources.

The Province of Nova Scotia has announced burn, travel, fireworks and activities restrictions. The restrictions are in place until June 25 or until conditions allow them to be lifted.

Donations and volunteering

The outpouring of support has been tremendous; however, the evacuation centre, comfort centres, and fire stations are unable to receive either clothing or food at this time because our focus is on fighting the fire and assisting those who are evacuated.

United Way Halifax Wildfire Recovery Appeal

United Way Halifax has launched the United Way Halifax Wildfire Recovery Appeal to support communities impacted by the wildfires across Nova Scotia as they recover and rebuild.

Communities need a wide variety of supports and services when rebuilding after a climate change disaster such as a wildfire. Although there is not yet a full understanding of community needs, your financial contribution will likely support things like basic needs, groceries, connection and mental health supports.

To make a financial contribution to the wildfire recovery appeal, visit and click on the “donate now” button.


Halifax Regional Police are warning residents of a potential scam related to emergency evacuation orders and remind people to monitor official government channels for direction on emergency evacuation situations and fire updates. The municipality is aware of ongoing scam texts regarding residents’ pets. Residents are reminded to always verify the source of calls, and to not give personal information to unknown callers.

Wooded areas of municipal parks closed

In addition to the Province of Nova Scotia restricting travel and activities in wooded areas, the municipality has closed all wooded areas of municipal parks and all municipal trails effective 8 a.m. on Wednesday, May 31.

Parks such as Shubie Park, Point Pleasant Park and Admiral Cove Park will be fully closed, as they are heavily wooded. However, non-wooded areas of municipal parks, such as greenspaces, playgrounds, sports fields and ball diamonds will remain open for use. Examples of non-wooded parks are the Halifax Common and Sullivan’s Pond.

For parks which have both wooded and non-wooded areas, the wooded areas are closed and the non-wooded areas remain open. An example of this would be Fort Needham Memorial Park where the monument, playground and sports field remain open but the wooded section is closed.

Parking lot closures will be completed as soon as possible; however, with many wooded parks across the region this will take time to complete.

Given the impacts of fire emergency vehicles moving throughout the Halifax region, the municipality is asking residents to avoid road travel, particularly near the local state of emergency area. This will help to ensure that residents do not impede the work of first responders.

Please visit: or follow @hfxgov on Twitter for all fire updates.

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