First day of Spring!

Hurrah, it is here! Today is a perfect Spring day. We have been having the most wonderful streak of early springlike weather and for that I am grateful. I am planning a long walk to soak it in!

I’ve fallen into a rut with my ” losing weight” program:( I’m still getting about 1 hr of exercise every day but my eating has drifted back into “noshing after supper” mode and I HAVE to get it under control! I have been floating up and down the same 2 pounds for a month now. Today is a good day to fire up the willpower and get going again! (My daughter’s birthday lunch did not help….too much dessert…mmmm)

I’m also in a waffly artistic mode. A few days ago it was painting. Yesterday I wanted to be a portrait photographer and was researching and surfing, the day before I was thinking about writing and illustrating a children’s book or maybe penning a young adult best seller. Today I want to film documentaries………. at lunch yesterday we were throwing around the idea of opening a tearoom:) When am I going to grow up and become what I am supposed to be? I could do all of those things. I just need time:)

I think it is time to focus. Perhaps I have Spring fever?

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