Fish ‘n Chips at Gazoo’s

Gazoo’s Take-Out
5361 Marine Dr, Porters Lake, NS
Rating: 6.5/10

A while back I ventured to Gaetz Brook for what would be a failed chowder mission, and ended up in Porter’s Lake eating fish ‘n chips at Gazoo’s.

Gazoo’s Take-Out is just a little shack on the side of the road, with picnic tables and parking. It is a seasonal business, and only open Monday-Friday 11:15am-8pm.

I was really hungry going into this! Luckily a 1pc fish ‘n chips ($7.75) was more than enough to hit the spot. It was a massive amount of fries with a moderate piece of fish. The price is right!

Gazoo's 7

At first glance I thought the light-coloured batter was a sign it was under-cooked. However, the batter hugged the fish with a crispy chew, rather than being too mushy or flaky. The fries were great. They were just within my threshold for grease. It was just the right amount for a full flavoured, full belly feed.

Gazoo’s has a 10 Piece Family Deal ($39) and a Party Platter ($62). They also do burgers, wraps, poutine and a kid’s menu.

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